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Spasmatic Dance Trainer

Electroconvulsive Dance Therapy Machine
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A sound activated device with high voltage muscle stimulating pads that move varoius parts of your body in time with the music. Many of these devices could communicate via a short radio link to avoid other controlled body part collisions. I guess the idea would be that once your body gets used to moving in a certain way to the music you would eventually be able to dance without it. You could also connect to a dance instructor wearing sensor pads for more intensive training. To make it more interesting you could share training pads with a close dance partner and form a 2 body controlled dance routine. The possibilities are endless.
Captain_Ignorant, Nov 27 2003

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       There is a show that screens here every week called "Life Support," - a take off of lifestyle shows, basically. One segment was for people who have no rythm and look like fools at nightclubs. The solution was to get solar panels, sew them into a jacket, and attach electrodes to one's skin. Hence, you would twitch in time with the pulsing lights (which are usually synched with the music).
Detly, Nov 27 2003

       Bugger, I missed that episode of Life Support. Mine is better...
Captain_Ignorant, Nov 27 2003

       <Flintstones flashback>
Do the Bedrock. Twitch, Twitch.
<Flintstones flashback>

       As someone whose dancing is quite reminiscent of a grand mal, encouraging convulsion might not be good. Still, it couldn't make it worse.
authority, Nov 28 2003

       Bun! Welcome [C_I]. This reminds me of Wallace and Grommit: The wrong trousers.
silverstormer, Nov 28 2003


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