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Special Gloves

Special new gloves that have four rotating sections on each segment.
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Each finger of these Special Gloves has rotating segments. The thumb also has rotating segments but two instead of three. The segments are divided into four parts. At any one time a part will be on the front palm side, the left side, the back side and the right side of any given finger or thumb. Arranging these segments allow for useful combinations that are quite handy.

These handsome gloves' segments are divided into some of the following sides, coarse, smooth, suction vacuum, and blower, glass, skin, wool, boxing, winter, equestrian, climbing, bare, etc. However there are dozens of types of Special Gloves with many thousands of possible sides including every known adjective. There are sides for holding babies, catching wild animals, and even running your fingers through your hair, or even using one glove to rub the hair on another glove's hair sections.

Nevertheless, despite the infinite number of combinations some basic description of these wonderous gloves is possible. By aligning certain segments it is possible to lock the gloves in certain positions useful for various tasks that anyone, or only you can imagine. The palm and back of the hand have special pumping domes that can create forces of suction or wind if the right segments are aligned to facilitate airflow through porous sided sections.

Really the possibilities of these gloves are quite endless. The pumping domes also rotate like a combination lock, to lock your hand in whatever position they have been locked into. This is useful to prevent important things from being prised from one's hands, cold, dead, or whatever segment you have chosen.

Special New Gloves

rcarty, Nov 17 2013


       So, Swiss Army Gloves?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2013

       Some would say multitool gloves, although because the sides don't necessarily have to be 'tool', special is the key generic term.
rcarty, Nov 17 2013

       " There are sides for holding babies, catching wild animals "   

       Aren't those two the same thing?
normzone, Nov 18 2013

       No, you might actually want to handle some wild animals, which are cute and attractive. There are no babies like that.
8th of 7, Nov 18 2013


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