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Water Alarm Cup

A gift for friends who are 'camels' aka 8-glass-a-day water drinkers
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If you know anything about health, you know that good health requires drinking lots of water, often more water than is consumed by the local water park. With all the distractions in your life, how can you remember to guzzle all that good health with the necessary regularity? That's where the Water Alarm Cup comes to your rescue.

The WAC is no simple water cup. Underneath its molded exterior are a sophisticated alarm clock and weighing mechanism. Every few minutes, an alarm reminds you to take a swig of water, thus ensuring necessary hydration for good health! Set the WAC for 4 cups a day, 8 cups a day, however many your doctor recommends. Good health is just a WAC away.

sottsass, Feb 25 2010

Snopes: The 8 Glasses A Day myth. http://www.snopes.c.../myths/8glasses.asp
The guy snopes thinks is behind that 8-glasses-a-day thing, Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, is worth looking up in his own right - I really love his theory that the body produces energy by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen! [jutta, Feb 25 2010]


       I am sorry to vote in the negative, but I just think it is a bad idea, altho not a completely bad invention, say for remembering to take your meds.
dentworth, Feb 25 2010


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