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chthonic high-rise necropolis
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Apropos limited and dwindling cemeterial real estate-- stacking caskets say, 10 deep in a single grave saves space and deters would-be graverobbers, at least from coffins level [-2] - [-10].

All funerals held on a particular day at a particular graveyard could share a single tomb. The individual sarcophagi need only be separated by a few inches to a foot or so of earth apiece; John Doe might be 6 feet under, while Mary Smith is 60. May they jointly rest in multi-level peace!

"Here lies Susan, Frank, Tom, Linda..."

nihilo, May 24 2006

(?) Multi-level directory plaque http://i4.tinypic.com/10moqpk.jpg
[nihilo, May 24 2006]


       how would you propose that each interred (sp?) be recoginized? individual head stones seem an unlikely choice given the clutter that would result.
(mans)laughter, May 24 2006

       I've already thought of it. Just like this: [link].
nihilo, May 24 2006

       Who would have thought Bentley have such a scruffy directory board in their building.   

       Did you specify under-ground just to avoid the 'baked' calls?
methinksnot, May 24 2006

       No -- it was so I could put a golf course on the land, and those towering catacombs really break up the green.
nihilo, May 24 2006

       Golf course? Why didn't you just start your idea with that?. [+]
methinksnot, May 24 2006

       Something to do with the snowball effect...
nihilo, May 24 2006


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