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shock coffin

animated corpse at my funeral
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I would like to be secretly cremated. At my funeral, a coffin holding the following items would be carried:

A mist machine
An audio device
An animated corpse robot (maybe a rented Asimo in a corpse costume wearing fancy clothes)
The plan, obviously, is for the mist to start pouring out, a muffled screaming and scratching sound to be heard, for the coffin to be dropped, and for the robot to stand up and stumble about for ten minutes or so.
Voice, Jul 06 2008


       You had me at 'obviously'. [+]
imaginality, Jul 06 2008

       That would be great! There could be a second one that gets out of the hole and tackles the first back into it:O) Then flames, followed by earth collapsing into the hole.   

       Much fun...   

PGL, Jul 06 2008


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