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Star Trek Microwave

line of light that appears to cook food
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In the Star Trek Microwave, a narrrow beam of intense light, in the form of a horizontal blue line, is projected unto the food from above as it turns when the oven is switched on.

As the meal rotates, the line of light illuminates every variation in the contours and indents, creating the illusion that it is cooking the food as it heaves, bubbles and steams.

xenzag, Nov 15 2008

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       <puts cold cup of tea into microwave to heat up>
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot
{ping!} <takes out tea, puts in piece of tasty pastry>
Jinbish, Nov 15 2008

       The LCARS interface would be more appropriate for a microwave than a starship.
lurch, Nov 15 2008

       LCARS is rubbish .... can't handle electronic/organic interfacing at anything like a decent speed, and the command protocol is SO fiddly. The Federation insist on having evryting approved by about 20 different committes .... the Klingon stuff is better, simple, maybe a bit crude, but immensely rugged.   

       We like the idea by the way.
8th of 7, Nov 15 2008

       Or a replicator microwave that takes a photo of the item, displays an empty microwave on an LCD door and then animates it materialising.
marklar, Jun 22 2010

       Would it have a "stun" setting?
mouseposture, Jun 22 2010


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