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Trump/May exchange

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Given that we're both stumped, I suggest we do a Trump/May exchange.

Donald will be happy because any conceivable wall he might want will only be a few miles long and can be knocked up by Polish builders in no time. Theresa will be glad to escape from the Brexit deadlock, and will instead drag the Mexicans into an endless and ultimately fruitless negotiation process which will keep them too busy to try sneaking across the border. Meanwhile, Donald will throw all the other nations out of the EU, leaving us in and making Britain grate again.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 17 2019


       If we're going to exchange May for a foreign politician can we not at least make it a good deal (for us), how about letting the Russians have her instead.   

       In exchange for Alina Kabaeva when she was 21 (anyone got a functioning time machine?)   

       Or any other actually sexy foreign politician of the female persuasion.
Skewed, Jan 17 2019

       //can we not at least make it a good deal (for us)// According to all of the available evidence, no.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 17 2019

       OK so maybe they don't like that deal, how about if we promised not to send them May, do you think they might let us have someone sexy in exchange for that?
Skewed, Jan 17 2019

       There could be a much more elaborate exchange of leaders involving Trumpski, Theresa May, Corbyn, Putin, Kim Jong-un and Bob The Builder. Trumpski could swop places with Bob The Builder who would build his wall while the Trumpski could go to Russia to be a foot-rug. Putin and Corbyn would change places but no-one would notice. That just leaves Kim Jong-un and Theresa May to negotiate a Korexit deal, with the UK. As no one knows what this is, decades of meetings and endless machinations begin to the daily compulsory street speaker broadcasts of: "order, order, order, order" This is at Kim Jong-un's insistence as an opening confidence building measure.
xenzag, Jan 18 2019

       What if we send you Trump and his wife?
RayfordSteele, Jan 18 2019

       "We surrender" ?   

       // if we promised not to send them May, do you think they might let us have someone sexy in exchange for that? //   

       Just to clarify that, "sexy" on an absolute scale of sexiness, or just "sexy compared to Mrs. May" ? Because that latter one could be just about anyone, other than that evil little froggy git macron.
8th of 7, Jan 18 2019

       //just "sexy compared to Mrs. May" ?//   

       Certainly not.   

       //"sexy" on an absolute scale//   

       That's the bunny, something on a par with the sexy blond on 30 Rock would suffice (& no I'm not talking about Krakowski, the other blond).
Skewed, Jan 18 2019

       I'm glad I'm not the only pervert around here.
Voice, Jan 19 2019

       I don't think that the switching of Trump and May will make a significant difference to approach or policy. Though they have differing manners, the substance of their governance is substantially similar - hasty, ill-considered decision making, coloured by a reflexive dislike of the poor and the brown, coupled with a brainless, not-even-tactical intransigence once a position is adopted. Yes for sure the UK would get the benefit of allowing us to air out our class prejudices and the US may benefit from not having Trump as president for a while but in each case, it'd be like opening a respite ward filled with anthrax.
calum, Jan 19 2019

       Re Alina Kabaeva - presumably the discussion of her phwoarworrascorcherness is based solely on her physical appearance and doesn't take account of her politics?
calum, Jan 19 2019

       <smiles>Britannia grating up the world.</smiles>
wjt, Jan 19 2019

       //doesn't take account of her politics?//   

       Duh! Of course it doesn't.   

       It's an established fact all politicians are self serving scum so the only possible benefit left to the public of one over another is eye candy quality.
Skewed, Jan 19 2019


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