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Urban air cleaning vegetation towers

To eliminate that black line in the air over TA
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Every time I ride my bike to the morning prayers I get of view of our coastal towns, and there's a black line in the air just above them and all along the coast. On Saturday (the biblical Sabbath day) it gets a little thinner, and after rainy winter days, the thin blue line which is the sea can be observed. Once a year on Yom Kippur the black line completely disappears and only the blue sky is seen along with the thin blue line of the sea.

When I visit Tel Aviv coming down Hamasger St. the bus route and the home of endless engine fixing workshops, I cannot but notice the plants covered with black soot. They are away from the road, and the walls nearby are much less affected. This seems to show that plants tend to pull in soot, besides the known fact that they emit O2 when in the light.

So the proposed idea here is to create tubes from transparent mesh screen material with plants in them transparent to light in the daytime and lit by LEDs at night, their air would flow through them until cleaned and O2 would flow out, cleaning up the city without taking up the space that vegetation usually does, by attaching them to the light posts and to bare building walls. part of the tube can be made of transparent plastic, so that it looks good, but doesn't let insects in.

To avoid light polution the led section could be in non- transparent sections of the tubing.

pashute, May 14 2017


       Inversion layers are typically a function of geography and climate; LA and Mexico City are typical. There's not much to be done in the way of mitigation other than cutting down emissions.   

       However, the problem's self-limiting; eventually, all the inhabitants die, and the pollution goes away.
8th of 7, May 14 2017

       a. Can you make one ? Plastic tube or plastic bottles   

       b. What is in the black line and Will it kill plants ?   

       c. Which plants would work in TA ? generally worldwide ?   

       d. Do you really need LEDs? Will your plants want to sleep ?   

       E. Would filters and fans clean more air than tubed plants ? Assuming the LED were solar powered.   

       f. Would the tubes be in the way of bike riders and pedestrians ?   

       G. Don't dead insects add to the soil?
popbottle, May 14 2017

       Don't plants emit O2 only at night?
notexactly, May 15 2017

       No. The oxygen is a byproduct of photosynthesis.
8th of 7, May 15 2017

       [Ian] Yes please
hippo, May 15 2017


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