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Zero Emission Car Kit

The pollution problem is in the bag
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After much pondering of the auto pollution problem, I've come up with the solution: Attach a large garbage bag to the tailpipe before you turn your car on. As you drive around the bag will fill, and then when it's full simply detatch it, tie it up, and throw it in the nearest dumpster!

You could also have tailpipe attachments that inflate things for you- like rafts, inflatable furniture, beach balls, air matresses, etc.

kurleykyew, Jun 16 2003

Volvo's VCC - negative emissions? http://www.fordforu...thread/t-33201.html
This car will clean emissions from other cars even when parked. Plus It has a built in cooler. [Zimmy, Oct 21 2004]


       Does anyone have asprin? I feel a bad science headache coming on.
Worldgineer, Jun 16 2003

       Sure, I'll just put it in my (still theoretical) matter transporter, and you can grab it on your end. After all, if we can send and receive pictures and sounds, surely we can do the same with matter.   

       How's that headache?
snarfyguy, Jun 16 2003

       uuuh. stop it.
Worldgineer, Jun 16 2003

       [buddha-pest] Wouldn't you cause a local low pressure area by compressing the exhausted air that was fed into the engine?
FarmerJohn, Jun 16 2003

       In emergencies vent the "exaust tank" out the front of the car, for that extra bit of forward thrust...
silverstormer, Jun 16 2003

       [FarmerJohn]You bring up a good point, but I think the bigger worry would be accidentally putting the matter inside the tank under too much pressure, creating a black hole. wait... maybe if you had a black hole in your exhaust tank it would suck up all the pollution and you'd never need to empty it.
kurleykyew, Jun 16 2003

       Well, it is certainly halfbaked. I'm for it +   

       By the way, what's the stock symbol for the Glad Bag company?
bristolz, Jun 16 2003

       Oddly enough, automobiles pollute worst when initially started and improve their emissions as they warm up. It has been suggested that initial exhaust gases be collected and recycled through the combustion process once the engine and emissions equipment had warmed up. I'm not sure how serious that was.
phoenix, Jun 16 2003

       Perhaps you are unaware of the volume of exhaust gasses produced.   

       Gasoline is composed of a number of compounds, including heptane, octane, and nonane. Let's consider octane (C8H18). One mole of octane weighs 114 grams, and when burned will produce 8 moles of CO2 and 9 moles of H2O. These together will occupy about 380 liters.   

       One gallon of gasoline weighs something around 3kg, and thus contains about 26 moles. In other words, when burned it will effectively expand to a volume of about 10,000 liters, or ten cubic meters.   

       How are you going to transport or dump that?
supercat, Jun 16 2003

       (takes a deep breath of air) Aaaah. That feels better. Thanks, [supercat].
Worldgineer, Jun 16 2003

       budhha: Do you have any idea how much a 1,000 liter containment vessel would have to weigh to withstand a pressure of 10 amospheres? Do you know how much energy would be required to compress it? Do you know how big a bomb such a container would make if it ruptured?
supercat, Jun 17 2003

       we can do an experiment. Drive a vehicle for one mile and see how much exhaust gas is collected. Do this experiment on few more vehicles, some brand new and some very old to find out the average exhaust gas volume per mile. Then we can decide on what should be size of the gas bag so that it can collect exhaust gases up to 100 miles.
youngturk, Jul 25 2003

       hehehe, yeah, can you imagine the sheer volume of the landfill space required for this scheme? Instead of storing solid waste, which is bad enough, we'd be storing a gas in a landfill.... WOW... is all I can say.   

       I guess you could say, we'd all be "walking on air" hehehe.
anticyclone, Nov 07 2004

       Also, don't forget that it isn't just burnt gasoline coming out of the tailpipe. Engines burn AIR, and air contains NITROGEN, about 75% more or less. The burnt gasoline would only take up about 20% or less of the volume as CO2 & H20, as there would still be some oxygen in the exhaust also.   

       You would be storing massive volumes of air along with that exhaust in a landfill. I will go out on a limb and bet that you won't make it off the driveway with a typical garbage bag.
anticyclone, Nov 07 2004

       MY GOSH What does it take here to get a fish? I will be the first...
shad, Nov 08 2004


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