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Speedy Wingback Elastic

Aid for wingback crossing and positioning
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Quite a basic idea really. One huge elastic band tied around the waist of speedy wingbacks, said elastic attached to corner flag thats level with your goal line.

Scenario as follows:
Wingback goes screaming down wing in attack, elastic pulls taut slowing said player down long enough to cross ball. As cross is delivered "WHAMMO" elastic snaps back flinging player back in defensive position. Simple but effective.
sturdy, Nov 08 2001


       No, sorry. Didn't catch any of that.
1. What's a wingback?
2. Should 'waste' be 'waist'? (Not that it makes much sense either way.)
3 to 7. Various other questions.
angel, Nov 08 2001

       something tells me if the "wingback" (defenseman?) has an elastic tied to his waist, he's not going to be so speedy.   

       peter: see the category?
mihali, Nov 08 2001

       Sounds like a bungy cord designed to return an attacking player swiftly back into a defensive position once he has scored. It's probably against the rules, but when has that ever stopped us posting ideas?
stupop, Nov 08 2001

       A wingback is a member of a football i.e. soccer team. They play on the left or right wing (that's one or other side of the pitch only), and combine 2 roles. They act as defenders, but also seek to move forwards to attack where possible. However, moving forwards can create a gap in defence (which this invention aims to fill) when the team the wingback is pressing against launches a speedy counter-attack on the break, and gets behind the wingback.   

       Not all teams employ wingbacks (some preferring a flat back 4) but they have become rather fashionable in the past few years.
pottedstu, Nov 08 2001

       sorry i didnt allow for the soccer translation, but the queen anne legged chair would add a little more to the game of soccer i think.
sturdy, Nov 08 2001

       [marked–for–deletion] with the application of elastic other players wouldn't be able to move freely around the pitch.
neilp, Dec 22 2004

       I fail to see how this wouldn't toss said wingback right on the ground. And we don't need wingback waste on the field! That's disgusting. Fishbone.
disbomber, Apr 06 2005


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