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Soccer headbounce technique

An unstoppable offense!
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Soccer is one of the very few games in which players may advance the ball using their heads. I propose that with a little practice, it would be possible to run along while bouncing the ball up and down atop your head. Once a player established the ball atop his or her head, he would be unstoppable: he could simply walk down the field. A team of acrobats able to do the headbounce technique would completely dominate the game of soccer, and by doing so, rule the world! Except for the US.
bungston, Dec 05 2005


       //Once a player established the ball atop his or her head, he would be unstoppable//   

       How? The other team can use their heads as well, and someone can always jump higher than you. This seems to be akin to clutching the ball between your feet and hopping down the field. In theory it's undefeatable. In practice it's useless.   

       Plus, there's no invention.
Laimak, Dec 05 2005

       I like it. Widespread use of this technique might lead to head injury due to collisions etc. Plus if you're running while doing it its near-impossible skillwise and another player can beat you to where the ball's coming down and head it away. Still, bun for creativity.
sninctown, Dec 05 2005

       I have seen this technique employed before (though I cannot remember who it was) when the player's team was roughly 5-0 to the good and the showboating had commenced in earnest.   

       Incidentally, there is a variation of this employed in the Scottish Premier League, whereby from kick-off, the ball is kept in the hair, bouncing randomly from head-to-head until such time as the ball is, usually quite by chance, knocked into the net.
calum, Dec 05 2005

       Two words or you: Contact Sport. An opposing player doesn't even have to jump higher than you, just jump with you so that you are put off the ball.   

       Clutching the ball between your feet is not advisable as a player such as Ron 'The Chopper' Harris is likely to live up to his name and, in the true spirit of contact, scythe you down. It might, in itself, also be deemed dangerous play by the referee.
Jinbish, Dec 05 2005


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