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Soccer - 3 teams, triangular pitch
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I'm actually really reluctant to put this on-line, 'cos as far as I can tell it's an original idea that could <concieveably> make me rich, so remember folks - you heard it here first!

Football (or Soccer, for those Children of Bush) played with three competing teams on a triangular pitch. The pitch will have roughly the same square footage as a standard (two team) game, with ALL the same rules (to make it easier for the players and spectators), but each team with only 8 players, including goalkeeper. I've gone over the rules thoroughly with different people, and can't find any holes. I have a drawing of the pitch to email people if they're interested.

Say the score line might read: Arsenal 3, Chelsea 1, Aston Villa 1 and so on. The rules of 3 points for a win with nobody else scoring, 2 points for a win with other teams scoring, one point for scoring but not winning, and no points for not scoring.

Yes, it'll need a new pitch, but since the rules are the same anyone (even the players!) will pick it up straight away, and the idea of a 3 way game is exciting.

And best of all, the name - Tri-Ball. Major sponsors can contact me at the link below.

fudspong, Feb 06 2004

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       It's a good idea, although I thought we covered it recently, but since I can't find the idea I might have dreamt it or something...
hazel, Feb 06 2004

       Robert Asprin wrote about a very similar game in his book Myth Directions, published in 1985
monkeywidget, Feb 06 2004

       We've done this already for at least three other sports, see links.
krelnik, Feb 06 2004

       Thanks for the links (and humouring a newbie). Maybe it has been thought of for other sports, but I feel that soccer is particularly suited to this style of play. And the name . . .
fudspong, Feb 06 2004

       explain the offside rule again...
po, Feb 06 2004

       We have neither the inclination nor the facilities to explain the offside rule here at this temple
fudspong, Feb 06 2004

       I am not a child of Bush. (link)
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 06 2004

       But it's so simple [po]! With three teams you'll only need to have your eyes in six places at once instead of two. Or just look at the players with nice bums instead of the ball.
hazel, Feb 06 2004

       David Seaman, mmmmmm
po, Feb 06 2004

       ex-players for you then, sadly...
hazel, Feb 06 2004


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