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Voice-activated Object Locater

Want something? SPEAK ITS NAME!
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one piece, voice-activated object locater.

These units can be sold in multi-pacs containing units of varying size, shape and color. A unit is programmed by depressing a button and simultaneously speaking the name of the object you wish it to respond to in the future. For instance, I take from the package a black, rectangular unit which would fit and blend nicely on my car key case. I press the button and speak the word “keys.” This unit is now programmed to blink and beep when I speak the word 'keys.” (The units may need to have a secondary word to prevent accidental activation, i.e; zebra keys, zebra glasses, zebra hammer, zebra remote, etc.)

Should you have a new object that might need locating but have run out of units, simply remove a unit from an object which is lost infrequently, press the button, speak the name of the new object and attach it thereto. In other words, they are easily re-usable!

Other locaters or finders incorporate base units whereby a button is pressed on the base unit which corresponds to the lost object, necessitating that the objects can only be located in one place; ie. the home, the office, etc. These units allow your objects to be found anywhere you go!

raysparro, Feb 22 2009

Voice-activated Object Locater With Voice Recognition: Polocator_20System
[Amos Kito, Feb 22 2009]


       Thereby effectively negating the benefits of voice recognition and activation technology in general!   

       What if you are attacked by a monkey who disfigures your hands and you can't press the buttons on the base unit?
raysparro, Feb 22 2009

       Will the monkey press the buttons?
Amos Kito, Feb 22 2009

       OK, fortunately, you are not attacked by a monkey, but what if the monkey rather than disfiguring your hands decides to pounce on your base unit instead? OR, what if you lose your base unit, damage it yourself, don't have it handy or it malfunctions for what ever reason? I think a monkey could see the benefits of not having to rely on a base unit for a locater system. (unless, of course, the monkey suffers from laryngitis)
raysparro, Feb 22 2009

       [+] I do this anyway to find my stuff. It just doesn't work without the necessary gizmo. The technology seems simple enough, reasonably cheap, and certainly would be in demand. I'd rather it said "Over here", rather than beeped, but that's just me. The base unit system - well I would just loose the base unit....
MadnessInMyMethod, Feb 25 2009


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