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Swiffer/Panty Pads

Multi-use pads
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These pads can be used by women when at certain times leakage might occur or if not used for that purpose,can be attached to your swiffer to pick up dust.Probably best used wet when used in the swiffer.Saves having to buy two products.I apologize to anyone who does not know what a swiffer is.( rolls on floor drooling in hysterical laughter).
python, Jul 17 2004

Swiffer link [ a cleaning tool ] http://www.google.c...search=&safe=images
Rolling on my keyboard, linking out loud [normzone, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


po, Jul 17 2004

       Out of junior high for the summer, eh. python?   

       Your drivvel would be better expressed had you left it just with the title and the summary. It'd still be drivvel, mind you.
bristolz, Jul 17 2004

       Still drooling.Get me a bucket!!!
python, Jul 17 2004

       Genevieve Gorder’s hot.
dpsyplc, Jul 17 2004

       Wow, that's the first one of dpsyplc's seeming non-sequiturs that I've gotten.
half, Jul 24 2004


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