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Tampon Loaflette

Harness the Natural Absorbency of Bread
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These small bread fingers with strings attached can be baked at your local bread shop.

Depending on your flow, simply indicate the size and bread type ie rye, wholegrain, white etc.

At easter time, try a hot cross tampon, or on cold days try lightly toasting or grilling before insertion.

benfrost, Apr 22 2005

Incontinence Loaf Incontinence_20Loaf
by, er, benfrost. [calum, Apr 22 2005]

Blood bread http://cookbook.rin...cipes/90772887.html
one quart of blood? [FarmerJohn, Apr 22 2005, last modified Apr 23 2005]


       No mention of Lefse?
skinflaps, Apr 22 2005

       Ew! Crumbs!
Machiavelli, Apr 22 2005

       Rye not ?   

       Crust because.   

       It might have heeling powers.
normzone, Apr 22 2005

       would mess up the bird table.
po, Apr 22 2005

       Psssst, [Ian]...it's spelled "knead."
Machiavelli, Apr 22 2005

       (Oh, OK.)
Machiavelli, Apr 22 2005

       A great idea. I propose a toast.
normzone, Apr 22 2005

       Reminds me of a certain kind of bird - the Bay Gull.
normzone, Apr 22 2005

       Can you say "yeast infection"?
Aq_Bi, Apr 23 2005

       Ugh... I'm still taking health and we're into this boring stuff... disgusting.
EvilPickels, Apr 23 2005

       Take this croissant and shove it...
jaksplat, Apr 23 2005

       Branded bread. What next?
neelandan, Apr 23 2005

       [Benfrost] has finally revealed his true identity: Genisis P-orridge.
zeno, Apr 24 2005

       finally? I thought the grey wig was a dead give away.
benfrost, Apr 24 2005


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