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unexpected start kit

for women
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In the box:

1. 1 pair underpants or thong

2. 3 tampons and 3 underpant or thong liners

3. 4 moist towls

4. 2 asprin

All in an ultra compact box, sold in vending machines, airports and gas stations.

Feel fresh, get on with life.


futurebird, Dec 13 2002


       for some women, substitute naproxin (anaprox) for the aspirin.
mihali, Dec 13 2002

       That would be a plunger, I guess.
dalek, Dec 13 2002

       //Will there be a corresponding unexpected stop kit?//
If so, we can only hope it won't include airbags...
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 13 2002

       This is baked in UK motorway service stations.   

       Morning kits for ladies and gents are also standard stock in decent hotel receptions.
Mayfly, Dec 13 2002

       Definitely a good idea. But I imagine it might be a little difficult just because of sizing issues. Not impossible, though.
Tabbyclaw, Sep 01 2003

       It's called 'handbag', isn't it?! Still in favour though.
Bethany, Nov 11 2003


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