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Treating PMS: editing curves all month at the menstrual cycle

Some treatments for PMS are hormonal. Making the hormone or anti-hormone dose gradually change could be used to "edit curves" of hormones in circulation all month
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I was thinking about premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and I thought, It is time to cure this.

I looked up a variety of things online and there is a quantitative metaanalysis mildly supportive of hormone therapy in PMS.

Viewing natural hormone levels as a continually time- varying curve, perhaps it would be possible to reduce PMS by heightening, or flattening part of the hormone curves throughout the month, rather than just a big change a few days before menstruation.

That suggests a new kind of pillI. Where each day's pill contains slightly different amounts of escalating or deescalating hormones or anti-hormones. I think gradually modifying the amount of the additional hormones, or even hormone-blockers like metformin from 0 to 100 units throughout the month could have beneficial effect compared with acute hormone treatment.

I know there are build-up dose pill regimens but I am not aware of any dosing strategy with the pills or patches that continually vary medicine content in sort of curve- modifying way. These might be beneficial at applications outside of women's health as well.

Incidentally, looking this up I found a study where 50,000 IU of oral vitamin D a week is described: "The prevalence of PMS after the intervention fell from 14.9% to 4.8% " The number of adolescents in the study was 897. [link]

So if you know anybody with PMS they have a 2 out of 3 chance of feeling better with 50,000 iu vitamin D.

beanangel, Oct 30 2018

Vitamin D reduces PMS symptoms https://www.ncbi.nl...gov/pubmed/29447494
[beanangel, Oct 30 2018]




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