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Watching two programs at once

using 3d tv
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if you happen to have a 3d TV and if you have two people in the same house who want to watch two different programs at the same time on same TV, here is a way:

feed two saperate programs to left and right channel of 3d tv. Use those special spects (modified appropriately) to watch two different programs in 2d at the same time on a 3d tv.

VJW, Aug 19 2011


       I believe one of the latest land rovers has a display that can show a movie to the passenger seat while showing the sat nav to the driver.
mitxela, Aug 20 2011

       Bun. I assume the viewers wear headphones, or is that part of the fun?
not_only_but_also, Aug 20 2011

       // headphones.   

       Yes. Those will be necessary.
VJW, Aug 21 2011


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