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voice activated TV
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I always loose my remote controls...seriously...always! To the point where I lost it and still haven't found it yet. I had to go out and get a universal reomote, which (as it turns out) works on every TV but the one I own! So this prompted me to come out with this idea. Which has 2 benefits.. TVs should be operated by voice commands, and only respond to registered users, using key-words and phrases rarely used in everyday vocab. And this doesn't neccessarily have to be some bizarre coded language, but rather whatever the user stores as their personal recognition trigger words. These commands would only be used for everyday operation (volume, program etc)...(for everything else, read the end).

In addition to this, other people wouldn't be able to screw around with the channels. They would have to deal with the fact that they have no power or control over whats on. This to me, would be bliss. never having to lose my remote, and never having to argue with others about what's on.

However, for when having to deal with technical stuff (setting, tuning etc), or on the offchance that a remote is required (when the users aren't present, and it's imperative the TV be used), there's an emergency romote in the safe ;) Which can only be accessible by myself or others with access.

shinobi, Nov 04 2004

Clapper technology http://www.youcansave.com/clap.asp
For [thud] [Worldgineer, Nov 04 2004]


       yeah ya could!...OR...you could just say: "channel xyz" from the comfort of your own couch!
shinobi, Nov 04 2004

       In college I had a VCR without a remote. It works well to assign everyone a button. Fastforward is envied, and pause and play have to get off the couch most often.   

       As for the idea, perhaps you could use clapper technology?
Worldgineer, Nov 04 2004

       clapper technology = throwing handbells at the buttons?
thud, Nov 04 2004

       Too obvious to have been missed. +
RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2004


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