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Venetian Portal

Fold and stack doors.
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Subdividing a door into numerous small horizontal panels that run on tracks mounted in the frame allows for a futuristic yet bakeable portal. This redesign frees the door to function in multiple states. I summarize the new active and passive states thusly.

1) Closed: The panels are down and rotated to the vertical locking them together and forming a solid door conventional in appearance but lacking a knob.

2) Ventilation with privacy: The panels are rotated slightly by means of a cam system in the track actuated by lifting all the panels slightly in their tracks. This provides free airflow but complete visual obscurity.

3) Visually open but secure: Panels are lifted slightly more camming them into a completely horizontal position allowing airflow and good visibility out the door.

4) Raised (open): The panels rise in the track nesting one in another in the top of the frame.

Function: The weight of the door is precisely counterbalanced by weights in the frame connected to it by means of a chain or cable. The panel angle is produced by means of rods and springs that act as the panels reach their lowest position. Compression of the panels causes metered rotation into the vertical position). The home owner utilizes the action of a lever or motor to actuate the door. Because the door is precisely counterbalanced the action of the door requires little effort to open or close. Action is gentle and safe and is perfect for the disabled as it has no swing or sill and does not require extensive remodeling.Hands or other objects caught in the door will not be sheered off because the speed and momentum of the system is held to a minimum.

Futuristic door technology for your mod "Forbiden Planet" pad. Whiz Bang action is so extraordinary it will leave guests speechless. So quiet convenient and space saving you won't be able to live without it!

WcW, Sep 10 2008


       Neat idea. I was (still am...) seriously considering this for my own house, but with vertical sections moving horizontally.
Two issues: To be thin enough to fold away neatly, there would not be much thermal or acoustic insulation; and (if moving vertically) it would require a power supply, which could cause issues in an emergency.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 10 2008

       //could cause issues in an emergency//
put the knob or crank in the wall next to the door ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 10 2008

       that's really neat! I saw a program on the barrier that doors represent for wheelers and it occurred to me. The panels will need to be very high tech with the latest in heat reflective coatings with quality comparable to the very best double pane windows. I would aim for a panel thickness of 20mm. It also occurred to me that a tongue and grove arrangement would facilitate formation of a solid panel when closed. The final portion of lowering the door both forces the panels to overlap and forms the seal at the floor.
WcW, Sep 10 2008

       I wouldn't favor dependence on a motor. The lever or paddle or what have could be servo assist for full auto/full manual function. Tumbler locks are so last century this would have to have something better.
WcW, Sep 10 2008

       //it would require a power supply, which could cause issues in an emergency//
Simple solution - fuse-ignited pyro-bolts.
Auto-exit in case of fire.
coprocephalous, Sep 10 2008


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