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spoon that wishes it was a fork that wishes it was a spoon
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It was Winston's first day at the monastery. He had toiled at his allotted task all morning in patient silence, and was looking forward to a nourishing bowl of soup.

He sat down at the simple table and contemplated the steaming brew that greeted him, with its welcoming aroma. For the first time he unwrapped the utensil presented to him when he arrived by the great sage, and remembered the words of wisdom: "You must learn how to create a space that is the shape you wish to fill"

He looked at his utensil doubtfully........

xenzag, Jun 21 2006

zenspoon https://picasaweb.g...5763461278726749250
zenspoon [xenzag, Jun 21 2006, last modified Jul 10 2012]

(?) Zen http://dictionary.r...ence.com/browse/zen
the meaning of zen according to dictionary.com [BJS, Jun 21 2006, last modified Jun 22 2006]

Cheese cutter http://thumb.shutte...51,1115802354,2.jpg
Similar cut? [Shz, Jun 21 2006]

Quince http://www.foodlove...features/quince.php
[Ling, Jun 22 2006]

Runcible http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Runcible_spoon
Zen symbol: Edward Lear is probably turning over in his grave. [Ling, Jun 22 2006]

SPORK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spork
What is a spork? [flynn, Jan 06 2007]


       A fish that wishes it was a bun that wishes it was a fish.   

       How do you eat with that (illustration)?
skinflaps, Jun 21 2006

       no vote on this because I believe this utensil wants to become one with itself and will be a salad-tong.
xandram, Jun 21 2006

       Hardly magical, the illustration shows it to be physical.It's just finding a use for it.
skinflaps, Jun 21 2006

       //How do you eat with that?// you have to think about that.
xenzag, Jun 21 2006

       Great illustration! [+]
baconbrain, Jun 21 2006

       Spoon madness! I'm not quite sure this idea is going anywhere (in fact I'm sure it's not) but that spoon you've designed is just wonderful [++] (though I believe it is in fact a zenknife).
wagster, Jun 21 2006

       Pretty picture! Bun for prettiness, although how you're ging to eat with it without damaging yourself is anyone's guess.
moomintroll, Jun 21 2006

       Beautiful and original illustration earns you a bun+ It should be marketed.
zeno, Jun 21 2006

       Good for separating the egg yolk (remember yolkless eggs?).
methinksnot, Jun 21 2006

       these spoon things that scoop the veg from the water are very baked (well par-boiled) and the zen thing is a silly bit of nonsense but I like the drawing.   

       -1 sorry.
po, Jun 21 2006

       This is just a spoon with a strangely shaped hole in it, it wouldn't be very good as a spoon or as a fork. It wouldn't work as a fork because the prongs are surrounded by metal and in the wrong direction, and it wouldn't work as a spoon because the liquid would run right through it.   

       Spoons with holes in them already exist in many varieties.   

       Spoons don't wish for things either.   

       This is probably one of the worst ideas I've ever read or heard of.   

       You are a decent drawer though.   

       And who is Winston?
BJS, Jun 21 2006

       I agree. He is a top drawer! Never sticks, has a couple of good sturdy handles, everything one would want...
methinksnot, Jun 21 2006

       //it wouldn't be very good as a spoon or as a fork// Perhaps not, but it would make an excellent wavy (Scandinavian) cheese cutter.   

       <aside> The meaning of 'Zen', reduced to that pitiful definition... </aside>
Shz, Jun 21 2006

       [BJS] says, //This is probably one of the worst ideas I've ever read or heard of.// Think about that. Congrats, [xenzag].   

       I just saved a copy of the illustration. My girlfriend loves it, too.
baconbrain, Jun 22 2006

       Two words. Awe. Croissant.
m_Al_com, Jun 22 2006

       //albeit a useless one in my opinion// what does "useless" mean?
xenzag, Jun 22 2006

       They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
which they ate with a zen symbol spoon.
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
they danced by the light of the moon...
Ling, Jun 22 2006

       //not an improvement on existing// there goes half the HB.   

       Great idea. Have a bun. But surely it should be a xenspoon?
dbmag9, Jun 22 2006

       [phlish] //I intended 'useless' to mean// how does a meaning gain an intention?
xenzag, Jun 23 2006

       Are people actually voting for the spoon, or just the drawing?   

       The only use I could see this being used for, is poor people eating cereal with it to save their milk.
BJS, Jun 23 2006

       I think the zen application of this utensil extend far beyond mere food transport, it being the spoon-player's equivalent of one hand clapping.
egbert, Nov 05 2006

       <waves hand slowly> There is no spoon </whs>
methinksnot, Nov 06 2006

       Y'know, it's stuff like this that reinforces my contention that Zen is bollocks.
angel, Nov 06 2006

       I don't think that this is much different from a SPORk; see my link. Call it a zenspork and it's much different at all.
flynn, Jan 06 2007

       Well [flynn]. you have just revealed your measure to everyone who looks at the bakery. When I wrote up the idea I was well aware of the Spork and many other variations.   

       The Zenspoon's main function is to physically manifest the essence of a Koan. The Spork is just an ordinary eating tool, and it's poorly designed in my opinion - tried using it?
xenzag, Jan 06 2007


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