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Variable charge Taser bullets

Piezoelectric bullets w/ capacitor for variable charge
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OK this is similar to current developments of Taser ammo, but it uses a charge system rather than small explosives to hit the piezo's - it allows for a variable charge to be set rather than the current "same charge to each round" design....

basically what you have is a piezoelectric crystal inside the same setup as you would find in your average refillable lighter. This is connected to a high density capacitor which may or may not need to be connected to a series of diodes, and some electrodes for discharge of the voltage.

this allows for a charge to be "built up" depending on how many times the piezoelectric crystal/material is hit/compressed. So you average the amount of voltage that a given number of hits creates, and theres your measurement unit for the "amount of charge stored".

Then all you need is a setup where your "gun" clicks the piezo crystal rapidly to build up charge (counting up the number of clicks to determine charge) and displaying it on a small screen, and of course it would have to be springloaded or compressed air to fire the round.

this allows you to have a range of charge anywhere from mild electric shock to absolutely lethal death inducing electrocution......

the gun may also have to have some insulating features to prevent accidental discharge from faulty rounds or the like...

Also, these rounds can be collected and re-used after discharge rather than being ruined by the explosive charge in the models currently being developed.

warning: don't try to make one of these please - very dangerous if you don't know what youre doing.......

Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006

based on this ESD gen diagram http://www.edn.com/.../graph/19di1fg2.htm
shows the basic design required for a bullet [Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006]

explosive piezo round development http://digg.com/tec...ith_Explosive_Darts
description of non-reuseable round where piezo material is compressed via explosive charge [Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006]


       oh thanks for that amazingly detailed description for why you're against this idea, whoever you are.....   

       your phrasing was so astoundingly intelligent....even given that the technology is existent, and very cheap and easy to make....no accounting for taste I guess ; )   

Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006

       yes, but none that I can discern have come up with variable charge rounds have they?   

       as I said there are one use rounds which use an explosive charge........   

       can you link to an idea the same as this one pray tell?
Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006

       oh and BTW, no deleting anno's - someone voted against the idea with no comment. I hate that, hehe
Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006

       then you may be able to also explain away the piezo rounds described in my second link?: ; ) My rounds are made by collecting the generated electric charge by the piezo on a high voltage capacitor. You may have to squeeze the trigger of the piezo many times to get enough charge on the capacitor. Use a high voltage diode in series such that capacitor is not discharged by leakage of current from reverse flow. Fully charged capacitor of about 10000pF/20kV can easily kill a man as it can dump 10A current in 100ns at lightening speed. Shocking? Yes!
Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006

       I haven't smarted off at all....still, no link suggests you haven't done yours mr normzone, although i really would like to see one if you know where. I have done quite a bit of searching however, and haven't found anything exactly like this, so unless you can be more helpful than to just have a tanty (which I originally thought you were trying to be) thanks for your input anyway......
Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006

       How many clicks of a //setup as you would find in your average refillable lighter// would it take to cause //absolutely lethal death//? (Genuine question, I really haven't a clue but it seems that it would be a lot). Also, //lethal death inducing electrocution// is the most redundantly tautological pleonasm I've encountered in some time.
stilgar, Nov 23 2006

       What's the proposed use of this device? The gun will be heavier and more complicated, the bullet probably likewise, and there is a delay before the round is fired. What tactical advantage can you offer to make up for that? Bear in mind I could easily have variable power with the explosive-piezo system by using different rounds, just changing magazines depending on expected use.
swyves, Nov 23 2006

       @ Stilgar - Not sure how many clicks it would take, it depends on the amount of piezo material and type, and amount of compression applied. You would need to measure the amount of voltage acquired from several compressions and average the reult to determine this. BTW Loved your volatile and vitreous use of your verbose vocabulary in the vernacular....had to look one of those words up! : )   

       @ Lt_Frank - I envisioned a fast rotating Cam system on an electrical motor rather than manual trigger depression, but your idea is even better. The disk would allow for more depressions in shorter time. Nice work! : )   

       @ swyves - proposed use is to....wait for it: Taser people! bet you didnt see that one coming, hehe - tactical advantage is re-usable rounds, & Variable charge without changing ammo. The round itself is super simple, and easy to make - you could make one yourself in about five minutes with a soldering iron, although I don't suggest you try, hehe - the gun itself only requires a springload and a small electric motor, and rubber casing......cheaper and more effective than the current tasers.....or ones in development!   

       @ 21 Quest - 1.bullet or rather "dart" speed depends on what medium you use to propel it (i.e strength of compressed air, or tensile strength/size of spring. 2. the dart is like a small capsule w/ electronics inside, and two small "electrodes" protruding from the front which along with target completes the circuit allowing discharge. the only part which would possibly penetrate skin is the electrodes. 3. the adavantage is highly increased range and accuracy over "wire" taser guns, and as stated re-useable ammo, & variable charge (no explosives!). the wire tasers also require the wire to be re-spooled before re-use. this system removes the wire...
Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 23 2006


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