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Wallet Taser

An expensive-looking wallet that actually contains a self-defense taser.
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You're walking down the street, whistling away, and all of a sudden, a huge, armed thug steps in front of you and demands your wallet.. You slowly pull it out, and are in the process of handing it to him, when...BAM!

By flicking the activating switch, disguised as the 'zipper handle-thing' on your wallet, two tiny razor barbs disguised as the teeth of the zipper fly out towards the suspect. Then, a burst of electricity fires out and stuns the intruder, allowing you some time to escape.

A wallet is approximately the same size as a modern-day taser. Thus, it would make sense to create a modern stealth version, which would aid a victim of a mugging. Of course, as with all self-defense weapons, the victim needs to have a reasonably clear head when using the device.

I'm not precisely sure about the exact technological specs of tasers, e.g. the amount of voltage used. If there are any weapon enthusiasts who could drop me a link, it would be appreciated.

Evil_Baron_Moustachio, Oct 31 2002


       The thing is, and I can only speak for myself here, is that the reason I don't carry a weapon (apart from generally feeling like I don't need to do so) is that I fear that it would be used against me in a mugging. I have no illusions that I would somehow be able to take the upper hand in such a situation.   

       So the huge, armed thug would probably simply snatch the thing out of my hand while I fumble with it, or just smash me to begin with, then rummage around in my pockets. Either way, I feel I'm going to end up zapped...   

       And as I briefly flicker back into consciousness while they're loading me onto the gurney, I think to myself.....   

       this would never happen to UnaBubba....   

       But that's just me. Practical issues aside, other people might want this.
snarfyguy, Oct 31 2002

       I think you guys totaly overestimate the criminals out there. This thing would work.
rsj9, Oct 31 2002

       Agreed. Muggers generally don't want to tangle with someone who'll bite back.
General Washington, Nov 01 2002

       I thing [waugsqueke] has a point - there would be instant awareness of it amongst the crims. They would have to either use a gun if doing a "got the time" approach from the front, or a blade if performing some kind of stealth attack from the rear. I think it might well deter most comers though, as a lot of hoods would be scared to use a weapon.   

       Very good idea though. If I lived somewhere nasty and found myself getting mugged all the time I would go for one of these.   

       Gimme the fuckin' croissant!
sild, Nov 01 2002

       Two guys tried to mug me once, walked up to me on the street at about 2am, said "look bud, we don't want no trouble - just give us your shit", I said "So what, you're going to smash me eh?" "Just give us your gear OK" "What for, are you so useless you can't live without rolling someone?" I said, "No we just need money for a taxi" "Oh yeah, Where are you going then?" "Ossy park" they said (about 5 K's away) "Just walk you slack c*nts, it'll take you an hour at the most - you look like two healthy guys, are you too weak too walk" "Walk, nah fuck that - too far", "Nah, it's bullshit, you want money for drugs" "We don't need drugs, we already got drugs, we just need a taxi" "Oh yeah, what've you got", Pulls out a stick (ie $25 bag) from his pocket - "Maybe I'll buy that off you" "Um, yeah OK, you got $25" "All I got is $20" .... "Yeah OK" "Now fuck off !" And that's how I scored a $25 bag for $20 off two dickheads who tried to mug me. Who needs weapons eh ?
furious_farquad, Aug 15 2003

       [furious] What a great story.
MikeOxbig, Nov 28 2005

       + for [furious]'s story. I wanna see that in a movie.
Eugene, Nov 28 2005

       In my minds-eye [furious] is Al Pacino.
Minimal, Nov 28 2005

       In my minds-eye [furious] is Al Pacino.
Minimal, Nov 28 2005

       This definately sounds better than the credit card gun I read about a while ago. (Goes off to look for link).   

       edit: couldn't find a decent link but I did find out that they've been around a lot longer than the article I read suggested. A sly tazer is definately better than a sly gun, much less likely to land the user in bother for murder. +
stilgar, Nov 23 2006


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