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Find a job closer to home and shorten your commute.
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The Unrelocation Agency would help place people at companies that are closer to their homes. Here in California, people can spend multiple hours per day commuting because they can't or won't move to a new residence that's closer to work. Why not tackle the problem the other way? By taking an equivalent job closer to home, people would pollute less, be less stressed, and enjoy a higher quality of life. The agency would help match people up to geographically close companies at which their skills are needed.

People who move to California for work often will take up a residence which is not near work, in hopes of finding something better later. With the historically tight real estate market here, the problem is compounded once people get into a commute routine. This situation really helps nobody, as far as I can tell.

(I miss my 10-minute-walk commute from two jobs ago. sigh)

gd, May 23 2001


       Such a good idea. What percentage of our nasty emissions come from commuting? It is ridiculous to spend hours a day in a car when you could be taking a nice stroll. It is a quality of life issue that is beyond price. Excellent idea.
vecini2, Jun 11 2002


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