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Textured Hair Transplants

Hair transplants using a full spectrum brush.
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There once was a man with a --

Well, let's just say he was bald. And he really wanted the face of his girlfriend on the back of his head. So he went to the barber, who plugged in a variety of hairs, from a selection of many colors and structural behaviors. So, she had orange hair, and redder lips, while her face was white and her eyes were black. And she had a slightly curly mustache, but he liked that.

I'm really afraid this idea should have been rendered in poetry, to capture the thought better. Or, rephrased a bit, or used a different example, or had slightly better and more interesting concepts.

But it's Bargain Friday here at the Mylodon Used Idea Lot and this is what is left over in the bin.

mylodon, Feb 22 2018


       Well, at least ... oh.   

       Do you mind if I dig around in the bin some more?
normzone, Feb 22 2018

       I realize somewhat belatedly, that a successful transplant of multicolored, multisourced hair, would require a lifetime regiment of immunosuppresants, which is a lot of maintenance for a gag like that.   

       I'm not sure what's left in the bin. I think there's a variety of self-stirring porridge pots, that's about it.
mylodon, Feb 23 2018

       Interesting enough for a [+] What's that about porridge ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 23 2018

       // What's that about porridge ?//   

       The implanted Goldilocks. It's apparently an existential thing.   

       Rangers often use hats with eyes on the back to deter sneaky rear attacks. I guess this would also work as a girlfriend deterrent.
bigsleep, Feb 24 2018

       Yes, but that's not exactly something [mylodon] is ever going to need, is it ?
8th of 7, Feb 24 2018

       Why didn't he just get her face tattoed on the back of his head, and make her bald to match? Or would she object to the Sinead o Conner/Ms Frankinstein look? If I really loved the guy, I'd do that to make his backface dream possible. When your'e in Texas look behind you...cos thats...where Chuck Norris is gonna be. Oh and as for the moustache? That was just a dream...just a dream...dream...drea...zzzzz
Edie, Feb 24 2018


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