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supermarket bills

whats that for? - sorted
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in supermarkets, the order in which the items appear on the bill is the order in which it is scanned. instead the order in the bill should follow a better 'customer-friendly logic'.

examples - sort and group items by aisle (nice to have - subtotals) - sort and group them by the usual 'trolley route' etc

due to covid we reduced the number of shopping trips. So this recent visit had a bill of 80+ items. Our usual bill averaged 12 items (pre covid)

the item description in the bill is not always clear enough.

I ended up wondering about few particular items and doubting the till lady for any misconduct (assuming she added items we didnt buy)

later on managed to recall what those items were and it was a bit of relief.

i also think this might be baked already but not sure..if so, would like to see my neighbourhood catch up on the trend.

ravi kris334, Jul 03 2020

Example https://imgur.com/DTL8GOU
Grouped by dept. [tatterdemalion, Jul 03 2020]


       This is baked in my local supermarket. No subtotals but the items are grouped by dairy, produce, etc. See example.
tatterdemalion, Jul 03 2020

       Ketchup Potato Chips?
kdf, Jul 03 2020

       Hell yeah you haven't lived.
tatterdemalion, Jul 03 2020

       Guess not. A Canadian thing, eh?   

       In all my trips across The Bridge (for things cheaper or not widely available in Detroit) I’ve never even noticed them. I’ll look next time.
kdf, Jul 03 2020

       He isn't called tatterdemalion for no reason. He likes tatters. (Potatoes)
chronological, Jul 03 2020

       Or ragged clothes...   

       tatterdemalion (n.) "ragged child, person dressed in old clothes," c. 1600, probably from tatter (n.), with fantastic second element, but perhaps also suggested by Tartar, with a contemporary sense of "vagabond, gypsy."
kdf, Jul 04 2020

       Also "all dressed". Y'all get dill pickle and sour cream'n'onion, right ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 04 2020

       Simple salt and vinegar for me, thanks.
kdf, Jul 04 2020

       I'm just over the bridge now, in St. Ignace. You close?
RayfordSteele, Jul 04 2020

       No thanks, I’m out of town for a bit. BTW,I meant Ambassador rather than Mackinac.
kdf, Jul 05 2020

       I never set foot on that rickety old thing. Being able to see through rust holes is kinda disconcerting.
RayfordSteele, Jul 05 2020

       [+] It should really show the order in which you took things out of the basket (and off the shelves?) and then suggest a more efficient route for your next shopping trip.
4and20, Jul 08 2020

       “I never set foot on that rickety old thing”
I haven’t for ages, as they blocked pedestrian (and bicycle) access long time ago. Used to though, back in the 70’s.
kdf, Jul 08 2020


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