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The glass is indistinguishable from full.

Viewed from directly above a glass of water has a graded refractive index so that it appears full, regardless of how much water is in it.
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half full, half empty, you need a different glass, etc.

finally a way to make the glass look full regardless of what is going on. observing the glass from directly above, the gradient refractive index of the glass (or polymer) that the glass is made from causes it to look like it is full of water. Vehemently optimistic.

beanangel, Nov 21 2016

Pretty screwy... https://i.ytimg.com...o/maxresdefault.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 22 2016]


       Is this a proposal for a special type of glass? Or an observation on existing glasses?   

       I should also mention, perhaps, that a glass filled with water is a great disappointment, unless you have a goldfish.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2016

       [Max], I woulda thought you drank your goldfish out of Wedgwood.
the porpoise, Nov 21 2016

       Actually Spode do some very elegant goldfish serving bowls.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2016

       ^Platinum fish for you, shirley? Gold seems so Nouveau riche.
AusCan531, Nov 21 2016

       Though a glass appearing full when it is indeed less might be fraud? [+]
whatrock, Nov 21 2016

       If you're looking at the glass of water from above, and this offers any kind of refractive index of glass, this suggests you're looking through glass from above. The glass of water is covered in glass. If it has a graded or gradient refractive index, this is generally termed a 'lens'. You're suggesting a glass of water that is capped with a lens, to appear fuller than it is. Of course, you couldn't actually drink any of the water unless the lens which covers the glass is first removed. How is this lens affixed?
Ian Tindale, Nov 22 2016

       If the interior if the glass were mirrored and shaped like two concave dishes with a hole in the top of one then the glass would always appear full without a lens cover.

       Yes it is, nice for you to offer.   

       Same again please.
bigsleep, Nov 25 2016


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