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Right-Angle Urinal

diagonal peeing in 90 degrees
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Take the humble standing wall urinal. Bend it in half 90 degrees. You now have an L-shaped urinal that you can stand in the middle of a room instead of merely along the wall, making better use of space; rather than a line of 3, you could situate them in a grid of 9, or more. (SEE HELPFUL DIAGRAM LINK.)

(Yes, it needs a base to be free-standing, and many standard wall urinals have bases. I will leave off inventing baseless levitating urinals for another day.)

Put four of them back to back in a cross formation for a cheery Christian theme.

nihilo, May 24 2006

Like this: full length wall urinal http://www.deabath....oilets4/OUR0401.jpg
[nihilo, May 24 2006]

Now bend it 90 degrees! http://matcmadison....ages/protractor.gif
[nihilo, May 24 2006]

This one is close. http://i4.tinypic.com/10nb28z.jpg
If it had a 90°-shaped back instead of a flat back, we'd be there. [nihilo, May 25 2006]

HELPFUL DIAGRAM http://i4.tinypic.com/10ne0oz.gif
Isn't it helpful? [nihilo, May 25 2006]

(?) Corner Urinal http://www.pragatis...s/urinal_corner.gif
[DrCurry, May 25 2006]

(?) I'll see your 90 and raise you 180. http://www.loohire....ortable-toilets.php
It's revolutionary and revoltutionary [methinksnot, May 25 2006]

Duchamp's urinal http://news.bbc.co....ainment/4059997.stm
Was shown in a huge empty art gallery [django, May 28 2006]

Urinal treatise http://www.blackwel...00015.x?cookieSet=1
Fifty-two pages on the subject [undata, Dec 12 2006]


       Yeah, I'm not getting it either. Unless you're referring to one of those (existing) urinals with a drip catcher.
DrCurry, May 24 2006

       See [links].   

       The left side of the flat wall urinal is at 180 degrees on the protractor; the right side is at 0 degrees. Leave the right side alone and bend the left side to 90 degrees and you have an L-shaped urinal. You can eliminate the spashgaurds on the sides of the standard wall urinal since the "L" shape of the right-angle urinal itself deflects splashage.
nihilo, May 24 2006

       Well, congratualtions, you've reinvented the corner urinal! And making it free-standing is nothing new, either.   

       I think we can safely say that is Widely Baked. (My favorite restroom in the world, in the late, great Windows on the World, had four urinals, one in each corner, in a Tutankhamun Egyptian temple decor.)
DrCurry, May 25 2006

       That corner urinal is the appropriate shape, but not free-standing; it still requires affixture to a wall. The standing right-angle urinal can be cheerily placed anywhere in a room.   

       Your favorite restroom had only 4 corner wall-affixed urinals because there are only 4 corners in your average quadrilateral room. That is precisely their limitation. You could fit 16 free-standing right-angle urinals in that same space, because they eschew the necessity of walls for affixture.
nihilo, May 25 2006

       Oh? It's an idea for a product that does not yet exist that utilizes space more efficiently than existing similar products. Or show me where I can buy the freestanding right-angle urinal.   

       Or, where I can find one freestanding in the center of a restroom to pee in.
nihilo, May 25 2006

       How can you not bun on the strength of the helpful-yet-loud diagram alone? However, you would have to wake up pretty early in the morning to get this one past me.
With a heavy heart I must cry: Baked, see link.
methinksnot, May 25 2006

       Methinks... you may have a point. It's pretty damn close. No walls necessary, indeed.   

       But while they're fighting the revolution in the streets, who is combatting long urinal lines and wasted restroom floor space in the in-of-doors with the gleaming white porcelain sword of 90° urinary truth? nihilo, that's whom.   

       And, might I add: those drab polyvinyl "four bay"s are anything but cheery.
nihilo, May 25 2006

       do a search for kross urinoirs, you can rent them for outdoor festivals
jvanguts, May 25 2006

       But apparently only in Deutschland. For outdoor festivals.
nihilo, May 25 2006

       Indeed. There is no accounting for taste. The more disturbing feature of these urinals is the one-would-have-thought- unnecessary green gender-assigning sticker.   

       Your cause is just, your heart pure and your prose sharp.
Have this bun as a token of my appreciation.

methinksnot, May 25 2006

       //the one-would-have-thought- unnecessary green gender-assigning sticker//   

       At first glance, I thought those were lighted indicators of the oh-so-helpful information that those particular bays were currently available. If that's not what they are, then I will suggest it as a modification.
lurch, May 25 2006

       how about spiral urinals, like those placed on the street in Amsterdam.
webfishrune, May 25 2006

       There was a bar in college that had a mens bathroom with a sink, a hose spigot and a 6 foot by 6 foot concrete shower stall with 6 foot high walls and a floor drain.
jhomrighaus, May 25 2006

       Spiritual urinals?
RayfordSteele, May 28 2006

       Why would you want to put more urinals in a room? Just make the room bigger.   

       I do see a future for something more surrealist, though: a gigantic 5000m² hall with in the center one single urinal. It would be interesting to see whether any man dares to go pee in it.   

       But then this is baked too, see Duchamp's urinal (voted most influential art piece of all times) [see link], which has been wetted several times in its history.
django, May 28 2006

       I thought this was an idea for combining a urinal and a sauna - you just pee on the heated rock and it boils away - no need for plumbing. Can I have a wee bun please ?- I'm a bit hungry.
xenzag, May 28 2006

epicproblem, May 29 2006

       Making the room bigger to add more wall urinals is an inefficient solution, as simple mathematics will attest. For every 4 feet of linear wall length you add, you gain 16 square feet of area; thus making better use of square footage is more efficient that adding more length or width.   

       There is no more danger from being hit by misdirected urine streams with the right-angle urinal than there is from using the standard side-by-side version -- if anything, there is decidedly less, unless your peeing neighbor can defy the laws of physics and micturate around corners.
nihilo, May 29 2006

       How do you accomodate lines and traffic flow in this design. The traditional designs are set up in a generally linear fashion. With a traffic lane down the middle. For high capacity restrooms(stadiums, theaters) an entrace on one side with an exit on the other are common so the flow is only in one direction(kind of like a pit lane) your design would lead to slower thruput and less efficient flow of traffic.
jhomrighaus, May 29 2006

       I think [nihilo] forgot the N.T.S. notice in the lower right-hand corner.
methinksnot, May 29 2006

       //How do you accomodate lines and traffic flow in this design//   

       Each stall has a pressure sensitive pad in the floor. While all four stalls are occupied, small speakers play music (inane, repetitive... "tinkle, tinkle, little star")... potential micturists move about the group in a slow circle. Cessation of the music indicates a vacancy, for which all will dive.
lurch, May 29 2006

       So, you propose to face urinals to each other? Nooooo. It's like you created a new urinal rule and then immediately broke it. Worse than standing in the empty urinal between two filled ones: you take the urinal opposite a filled one and then neither of you have a place to look.   

       No bun.
Abusementpark, Dec 10 2006

       The punk star Adam Ant got his stage name idea while relieving himself in an Adamant urinal. There is a discotheque in Amsterdam that has these. They are unbelievably massive and a joy to piss in.
undata, Dec 12 2006

       Love the diagram. I'm especially glad you specified that those were "man-people". And here was me hitching my skirt up.
squeak, Dec 14 2006


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