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The Porcelain Pony

It's #1 for #2
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He entered the stall, closed and locked the door, pulled off his pants and climbed up on the porcelain pony. The enamel, ring saddle was hard and cool but comfortably curved down on the sides and up at the front and back. He lifted his feet into the stainless steel stirrups, grabbed the chrome chain reins tightly and called out, “Giddy up!”

The gleaming white pony’s bowl belly began to sway slightly. As walk changed to trot, the horse began to rock and the man gripped its sides with his knees and grunted. The pony cantered and then broke into a gallop. The rider hung on trying to keep contact with the bucking saddle until he finally groaned out a mighty, “Whoa!” and the beast slowed to a halt.

Dismounted, wiped and clothed, he flushed the pony and left the stall quite pleased with the irregular irregularity cure.

FarmerJohn, Apr 07 2005

Toilet with Stirrups Toilet_20with_20Stirrups
[Amos Kito, Apr 08 2005]

... and an accessory... http://www.lighters...TEMLS&item_no=38366
[Amos Kito, Apr 08 2005]


       You worry me somtimes FJ.
skinflaps, Apr 07 2005

       As he flew through the air, something akin to "Wooaaaah noooooo" could be clearly heard. Wearily, the cleaner went in search of suitable cleaning materials.
david_scothern, Apr 07 2005

       having given this my full constipation I will now resume my dusting...
po, Apr 07 2005

       It's got to have a trap.
wagster, Apr 07 2005

       The men’s and women’s carrousel’s are just down the hall there by the elevator sir.   

       how is it i can tell its a farmer john idea from the first sentence?
benfrost, Apr 08 2005

       [Ian] - I was imagining brushes down the side of the saddle that clean you as you dismount.
wagster, Apr 08 2005

       Here's hoping the toilets stay regular, too. A backup could get messy.
RayfordSteele, Apr 08 2005

       Rising trot(s) could get a little messy
oneoffdave, Jun 13 2014


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