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Toilet with Stirrups

When you have that big one!
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My wife and I just recently had a baby(she did most the work) and around the same time I was constipated. Now, I noticed that when she went into labor the doctor pulled out some stirrups so she could get that extra little push to help get the baby out. I was thinking to my self (notice, this was after 14 hours with almost no food and standing the whole time) why can't I have that in the bathroom so I could get rid of my constipation?

I was thinking that if the stalls had swing around stirrups built into the walls and maybe a little handle that could be used for pushing, we would all be a little happier. Lots of people would have the broom handle pushed out by now. The handle I was thinking of could be placed on the front lip of the bowl, or even modify the bowl a bit so that it could be the handle too. I don't know, what do you think?

barnzenen, Dec 28 2000

just when you thought it was safe..... http://www.breathin...salvas-maneuver.htm
[po, May 21 2002, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Rocking Horse Toilet http://www.elseware...s/rocking_horse.htm
This recently cropped up on a blog I read. [ry4an, Oct 06 2004]

Constipation = civilization http://archive.salo...06/22/constipation/
"...some of our great thinkers, from Martin Luther to Ben Franklin and beyond, have been afflicted with clogged bowels." [horripilation, Oct 06 2004]

Squatty Potty https://www.youtube...watch?v=YbYWhdLO43Q
It is commercial now [barnzenen, Oct 08 2015]


absterge, Dec 29 2000

       That sounds like a dark road indeed.
Monkfish, Dec 29 2000

       What about a giant centrifuge, to add some G-force?
rmutt, Dec 29 2000

       What about the other "labour-saving" devices - like forceps?
Skybird, Dec 30 2000

       Try Epsom Salts. Much easier
rjswanson, Apr 07 2001

       I know most of you thought this idea was dead, but I just had to mention something. My son is learning to use the potty, so we have a step stool for him to use when he has to pee. Well, I just had Mother Nature tell me something and I decided to use his bathroom instead of mine (it was closer) and I put my foot up on his stool. Let me tell you, with the added benefit of the stool I shot that turtle head straight down the pipe and I saw no more of it. Really made a difference. I still think this idea has some merit.
barnzenen, May 21 2002

       [barnzenen] Try a phone book. Works just as well and it's easier to explain.
phoenix, May 21 2002

       restrooms for the handicapped have those handrails which are nice.
destro, May 21 2002

       This brings to mind the increased popularity of caesareans - a "way out" for the chronically constipated?
FarmerJohn, May 21 2002

       see link bob. (hermoroids are the very least of your problem)
po, May 21 2002

       Actually the throne type toilets are very unphysiologic. For thousands of years folks crapped by squatting down. They still do, in Italy - I found the toilets there are holes in the floor with a place to put your foot on either side. I am still not clear what you do with your pants during this - maybe hang them on the wall. Bringing up the knee is a good way to increase intra-abdominal pressure. This realization led to things like birthing stools, squatting deliveries etc. But nothing for the toilet ... yet.   

       The device could be a toilet seat with the stirrups built in. It could be an add-on to the normal toilet.   

       Straining at the stool (or baby) can indeed cause hemorrhoids. But it has got to come out somehow.
bungston, Oct 29 2002

       So, bungston, you with me or against me?
barnzenen, Oct 30 2002

       http://NaturesPlatform.com has the only true squatting device for an ordinary toilet.   

       It also has a wealth of information on the health-benefits of squatting. Doctors are really going to be embarrassed when they realize how many operations they have performed unnecessarily.
jon5674, Dec 05 2002

       If only they had these in Luther's day. Take the idea to the Vatican, they may want to bake it.
Ludwig, Dec 06 2002

       The Squatty Potty ad deserves much praise.
tatterdemalion, Oct 08 2015


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