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This Is Your Lice

An unsuspecting celebrity gets to meet a host of species to whom they've played host
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A celebrity is caught unawares and led into a studio, where they are introduced (by a leading biologist) to all* of the parasites and viruses that had an influence on their life.

"We know her as varicella-zoster, but you were just 4 years old when you first met 'Chicken Pox', and what a fascinating disease"

"And now, look, Entamoeba histolytica, the pathogen that almost killed you after your holiday in Ghana"

Over the weeks and years the show will run, the general public will have an increased awareness of diseases, parasites, bacteria and other harmless and harmful things we carry around with us.

* clearly we'd miss out the boring ones, and try and avoid repeats.
neilp, Feb 24 2004


       How about This Is Your Lice On Drugs?
theircompetitor, Feb 24 2004

       alright, [neilp], where are you and what did you discover crawling on you to inspire this?
lintkeeper2, Feb 24 2004

       This is your spite! (showing recordings of your best ever arguments).   

       Welcome back to civilisation [neilp]
hazel, Feb 25 2004

       don't like this one bro, sorry
jonthegeologist, Mar 07 2004

       I like it. If you put a little drama in it or something to hook people (I'm not sure if celebrities would be enough) then this might actually be baked.   

       curently there are many people who are ignorant about many diseases except AIDS and other STDs. Maybe you could have one about drugs and how it messed up celebrities lives   

       Japanese spinoff - This Is Your Rice?
benfrost, Dec 13 2004


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