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Time Trousers

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In the first episode, the main character is looking through a second hand clothing store, where he finds a pair of mysterious trousers that are printed all over with brightly coloured clocks. He enters the change room to try them on, unknowingly beginning a series of bizarre adventures throughout history.

When he does up the fly he is transported into the future, and when he zips downwards - into the past. The further it is zipped upwards or downwards the further time is travelled etc.

The actual time travel only actually occurs when he does up the top button - so he can set his fly for 1923 and by doing up the button - then he travels. Conversely, he may do up the button first and travel manually.

After each time tranportation, the character is knocked unconscious and the trousers are flung from his body in a comical fashion. Thus beginning the episode, dazed, confused he must recover his pants in this strange new past or future time. Along the way he meets danger. intrigue, romance and comedy in pursuit of his trousers.

Each week, our hero tries to return to his own time, but must also help the characters he finds along the way - and explain why he is intially wearing no pants.

benfrost, Apr 10 2005

Mr Benn http://easyweb.easy...balchin/mrbenn.html
don't you just love it when after googling for half an hour (I exaggerate) for uk tv series children's show man in a clothes shop - your own brain comes up with the answer! [po, Apr 10 2005]

Donald Where's Your Trousers? http://www.electric...sic/midi/donald.htm
Let the wind blow high
Let the wind blow low... [DrBob, Apr 10 2005]


       It should be fun writing the episode in which the character gets his willy caught in an inescapable time loop.   

       Your zipper is down..   

       I like this.   

       [2fries]That was one of those comments that make me yelp out loud
finrod, Apr 10 2005

       with an ever-increasing girth, I would hope that there is more room inside the trousers than one imagines by looking at the outside.
po, Apr 10 2005

       Ye cannae change the laws of physics, cap'n.
Basepair, Apr 10 2005


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