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Tito's Cabana

Fitness can be fun
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Scuttlebutt had it that there would be a spin off of Pee-Wee's Playhouse called MISS YVONNE'S PLACE. Here is something that would have been really neat-o!!! TITO'S CABANA Spin-off of the playhouse starring my favorite human character on the Playhouse aside from Pee-Wee himself, that captivating caramel-complexioned caballero, Tito, the Playhouse lifeguard (played by the sinfully handsome Rolando Rodriguez) and several live-action, cartoon and puppet buddies, teaching kids about fitness, nutrition, grooming, and health through songs, stories, cartoons, skits, and healthy recipes. Fitness fun for small fry, campy comedy for hipsters, and a good-looking guy for moms/big sisters/babysitters to sigh over! Something for everyone!
LaSparkster, Apr 20 2003


       //Something for everyone!//
What about us gorillas?
thumbwax, Apr 20 2003

       I dunno, Thumbwax. Do gorillas like to look at captivating caramel-complexioned caballeros? :)
LaSparkster, Apr 20 2003

       UnaBubba, this would be Paul Reubens' former CASTMATE on his show starring in a SPINOFF. Come on, there aren't any really entertaining educational shows for children that focus entirely on fitness and health
LaSparkster, Apr 20 2003

       As long as this has nothing to do with Micheal Jacksons brother hosting a kids show.   

       2 fries, this has NOTHING to do with Michael Jackson's bro, who is neither Latino nor gorgeous.
LaSparkster, Apr 20 2003

       //Are we certain that Paul (PeeWee Herman) Reubens is someone whom we should be promoting as a role model for children?//   

       (from www.museum.tv): From its debut, Pee-wee's Playhouse attracted the attention of media theorists and critics, many of whom championed the show as a postmodernist collage of queer characters and situations that seemed to fly in the face of dominant racist, sexist, and heterosexist presumptions. (Some accounts of the show were less celebratory and criticized the show's regular use of comic fat women as sexist.) The show was forthrightly multi-cultural in cast and situation: the mail-man was an African-American mail-lady, Latino soccer player Ricardo often spoke Spanish without translation, the white Miss Yvonne went on a date with African-American Cowboy Curtis, tough-as-nails cab driver Dixie (Johann Carlo) was a possible lesbian, and Jambi was played as a dishy gay man. Pee-wee himself often poked fun at heterosexist conventions: he once "married" a bowl of fruit salad. The smirking irony, the campy double entendre ("Is that a wrench is your pocket?") and use of icons from gay and lesbian culture (perhaps most infamously on the Christmas special, which, aside from its guest stars, featured two muscular and shirtless workmen building a "blue boy" wing to the playhouse out of fruitcakes) furthered this interpretation. This apparent outbreak of playful queerness during the politically reactionary Reagan-Bush/Moral Majority years was a key factor of many adults' enjoyment of the show. Yet that same queerness lurked in the realm of connotation, where it was just as easily ignored or dismissed by other, more mainstream critics. Some parents objected to the show's polymorphous and anarchic approach to childhood (encouraging children to "scream real loud" or jump around the house).   

       (end quote)   

       In light of the above analysis, I'd answer "yes" to your question.
snarfyguy, Apr 20 2003

       No, but the handsome "caballero" who played Lifeguard Tito (NOT to be confused with Jacko's bro) DOES get the Gordon MacRae Award for being gorgeous. Other winners of the Gordon Award are Ricky Martin, Ted McGinley, the guy who played the alien Martin on the 80s sci fi show V, and Dean Cain when he was Superman
LaSparkster, Apr 20 2003

       Obligatory "What am I, chopped liver?" Post
thumbwax, Apr 20 2003

       Was PeeWee the guy who got caught jacking off in a cinema?
sufc, Apr 20 2003

snarfyguy, Apr 20 2003

       But does anyone remember Tito, the Pool Lifeguard, one of Pee-Wee's friends at the Playhouse? And I'm the ONLY one who thought he was absolutely knock-you-sideways gorgeous?
LaSparkster, Apr 21 2003

       'Comintern over a new leaf.'
General Washington, Apr 21 2003

       Pee Wee, after lying low in the aftermath of the off-jacking incident, has been back on our screens for a few years now - most notably (IMO) as The Spleen in "Mystery Men", who blamed his fart on an old gypsy woman, and was cursed that "because I smelt it, I would forever be the one - WHO DEALT IT!". Also, I saw him on Ally McBeal, suing Sting.
friendlyfire, Apr 21 2003

       Hey, Gen'l Washington in da house! Good to see you.   

       Yeah, why does Rubens get the shaft and Lewinsky gets her own show? What the hell's going on here?   

       And yes, Rubens is coming back (He was also in "Blow"), albeit slowly. But then he got busted for a giant collection of vintage porn in his house, which was revealed, after *ahem* a thorough examination by The Man, to contain at least one depiction of an underage model. It's arguable as to whether he knew he was in possession of it.   

       At this point, they're basically persecuting him. Sad...
snarfyguy, Apr 21 2003


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