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The fold-down bath

More space in the bathroom!
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I am not a bath person. In fact, I haven't bathed in over a year.

A friend of mine hates the bath because she says it's just like stewing in your own dirt. Lovely image, really.

I am officially a shower person. But because I still think a bath is useful for the occasional candlelit soak with plenty bubble bath and a bottle of wine, I don't think we should throw out the bath altogether. I considered making it into a terrarium for a lizard, turning it into a big pot plant holder and even a very-easy-to-empty fishbowl. But better still, why not just store it away when you're not using it? Fold it up like one of those fold up beds. You could make the bath out of a relatively light material that can be lifted quite easily. The bath folds up against the wall, hiding the taps and faucets, leaving only a clear wall and a lot more space in my cramped bathroom. The plughole can be moved to the side of the bath at the bottom, so that most of the water drains out, and the last bit of water disappears when you tip the bath up to hide it.

Flux, Feb 09 2005

hang it up on the wall outside http://www.oakengat...s/25CHURCH%20ST.jpg
[po, Feb 09 2005]

Fold-down bathtub: last group of pictures http://w3.trib.com/~leebo/gem.htm
"Encampment museum" [half, Feb 09 2005]

Ah, this appears to be the same thing folded away. http://www.cvmuseum...milch/Schlegtub.JPG
Fold-down bath tub [half, Feb 09 2005]

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       Sure, why not?   

       Added advantage: motorize it and play a funny joke on your wife.
shapu, Feb 09 2005

       A Murphy Bath? I remember discussing that here at some point but sure can't find the idea now.   

       "Folding bathtub" yields a few hits on a search engine.   

       Here's a "fold-down bathtub" (link), though I can't see how or where it folds.
half, Feb 09 2005

       Oh, I see (next link).   

       Maybe a large tub that can be stood on end to do double duty as a shower stall...
half, Feb 09 2005


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