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water bath

comfy warm water filled sides of bath
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The sides of a warm, relaxing bath shouldn't be hard and slippery, you can't snuggle propperly. The Water Bath would have inflateable sides made of plastic (like a paddling pool), that are full of warm water. Nice and warm and squashy. It might need a metle frame to support it: these could be the pipes used to fill it as you poured your bath. To stop that sticky, clingy plastic feeling, the plastic could be covered in cotton sheets. Oh dear, cappillary action. perhaps a gutter is needed then.
complexspike, May 24 2002

Google search for +soft +side +bathtub http://www.halfbake...soft +side +bathtub
About 36,900 hits. [phoenix, May 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Google search for +soft +side +tub http://www.google.c...&btnG=Google+Search
Somewhat less specific, so more hits (about 95,200). [phoenix, May 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       would you have the mettle needed to build this?
yamahito, May 24 2002


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