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The Best www.SecretAdmirer.com 

Lets 'do it' er .. have lunch I mean
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You are secretly attracted to people you know.  Now you can find out if there is mutual attraction, risk free.

Go to www.SecretAdmirer.com.  Tell www.SecretAdmirer.com the name of the person, an email or snail mail way to reach them and check off a series of questions defining the possible relationships you secretly desire to have with person and the conditions under which mutual admiration may be revealed.

www.SecretAdmirer.com notifies the person that they have a secret admirer and asks the person to go to the website and enter the people they secretly admire.

The website reveals only mutually desired relationships.

If A would like to have lunch or a nooner with B and B would like to have lunch with A then, if the reveal conditions are met, www.SecretAdmirer.com will reveal only that A and B would like to have lunch with each other, but if both would like to hit the supply closet for 20 minutes and the reveal conditions are met, their mutually desired relationship would be revealed to each other and they could 'do it'.

The website serves as a trustworthy go-between.

This is huge and hasn't been done, because once it is properly done, it will be famous.  A www.SecretAdmirer.com may already exist, but, it ain't this.

Mustardface, Jan 02 2010

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       Not really an idea that helps personal growth, now is it.
wjt, Jan 02 2010

       Something very similar to this existed about 10 years ago at crushlink.com. It's long since gone away, but the big problem is the chain of un-considered connections. A is interested in B, who hasn't noticed A. B gets an e-mail, and wishfully thinks it's C. C gets the e-mail and looks at D. D has is attracted to E, and so on down the line. The odds of two peoples primary choices lining up are fairly small, even if B might be perfectly happy with A once A comes to their attention.
MechE, Jan 02 2010

       //asks the person to go to the website and enter the people they secretly admire//
And then you can meet up for real and enter the ....No! Wait!
gnomethang, Jan 02 2010

       The main motivation behind joining the site would be to find out who your secret admirer is and then make a choice, not necessarily meet a stranger in a closet blindly. Therefore, wouldn't people empirically spam the list and conditions and find out who it is? Or even if you had a predefined list of your crushes wouldn't people spam you to see who you like?
leinypoo13, Jan 02 2010

       To find out that someone is secretly admirering you at a certain desired relationship level you must first assert your admiration of that person at the same level and, once mutuality is met, they will be notified of your admiration at the same time their identity is revealed to you, so you cannot know who your admirer is and then later make a choice.
Mustardface, Jan 02 2010

       Like an adoption registry, in some ways.   

       Anyway, will the object of my affection appreciate me handing their email or physical address to some web site just because I'm too scared to ask them out?
bnip, Jan 02 2010

       This has been done rather too often. Both by email and by text. The first I remember seeing was mid 1990's. The objective at that time was to farm as many email addresses as possible since they were worth gazillions in the boom (ahh, the good old days). Standard format, you got an email saying somebody fancies you, visit xxx.com to find out who. At xxx.com you were instructed to enter the email addresses of 3/4/5/however many people you fancied. If one matched you would be told. Naturally enough those 3/4/5 people you had named all now received an email telling them somebody fancied them and so on.
The_Saint, Jan 02 2010

       The sincerety of this, the best www.SecretAdmirer.com, is a winning feature and one of it's many unique features. This website sincerely wants to help potential mutual relationships find each other.   

       I guarantee [The_Saint] will not again be taken in by a cheap swindle and WILL this time get at least one match at the best www.SecretAdmirer.com when [The_Saint] and I are notified we have flagged each other for a mutually desired long distance beer drinking relationship!   

       Yes there will be many conditional relationships that don't match, but the mutual relationships will be uncovered and plenty of them. That's what the world is made of.   

       Jutta could knock this website out in her sleep, unleasing a ww secret mutual attraction chain reaction.
Mustardface, Jan 04 2010


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