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Traveler nurse

Walk the earth. Like Caine in Kung Fu.
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The paradigm is Kung Fu: a stranger comes to town, rights wrongs, moves on. Usually the righting of wrongs is through battle.

Traveller Nurse would move from town to town and assignment to assignment. They would all be nursing assignments. Traveller Nurse would help sick people but encounter other problems too, societal and otherwise, and through common sense and people skills would right wrongs.

I think Traveller Nurse should be a man, to make more explicit the continuity with westerns of old. He should look like a cowboy too. It could be implied but never explicitly said that he might be more than human. But he is a nurse and he takes care of sick people.

bungston, Aug 27 2014

The Philus family at the synagogue http://flix.tapuz.c...watch-2164183-.html
[pashute, Aug 28 2014]


       Some think the legend of Traveler Nurse began one day at the hospital where he worked when he failed to resuscitate an old hobo. Searching through his bindle to find identification he found a tattered old nursing certificate. The old hobo was a nurse or at least had stolen the certificate from a nurse, but some think his soul passed into Traveler Nurse that day because from that day forward he traveled the country tending to the sores, and treating the ailments of all he came across.   

       In the series finale the Traveler Nurse's worn and disheveled face shows the many years he has been on the road curing ailments and helping to solve mysteries. He turns up at a hospital complaining of chest pains, and is in turn unable to be resuscitated. The nurse on duty searches through his belongings and uncovers the mysterious tattered old nursing certificate. The closing scene is that new nurse riding the rails.
rcarty, Aug 27 2014

       In keeping with the nurse theme, he should learn from licensed and alternative healers in every land.
4and20, Aug 27 2014

       In keeping with the Quai Chang Cain theme, he should never be allowed to kill somebody, even if they deserve it. Except once, in the flashbacks to the very first episode that explains the whole mess.   

       Of course, bad guys die, but they have to hit their head on a fence post or something.   

       Oh, and he has been carrying a spotless nurses uniform with him for the whole journey, which he will produce for the battle when a medical examiner who has been pursuing him catches up.
normzone, Aug 27 2014

       Do the bad guys die? What about Touched by an Angel? Was it that kungfu hiddne hand touch of death for the bad guys? Did that redheaded angel lady bust out the ninja moves? If so, link please.
bungston, Aug 27 2014

       You'll have to do your own linking - I live a low-to-no-television life style, and have no idea what you're talking about.   

       Yes, occasionally somebody dies in the original series.
normzone, Aug 27 2014

       Only passingly related, but I think that bungston might enjoy Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.
calum, Aug 27 2014

       //they have to hit their head on a fence post or something//   

       {awaits [8th of 7]'s remarks about options for positioning the fence post to facilitate this}
pertinax, Aug 28 2014

       Tcha ... the position of the fence post is unimportant, it's the aiming of the trebuchet that makes the difference.
8th of 7, Aug 28 2014

       When I was a teenager (that's about 35 years ago) there was a sci fi story in the Hebrew Fantasy2000 magazine about a group of guys who are sent to stir up trouble on distant planets, and gather like a magnet all the troublemakers. Then at the final moment, the woman teacher/grown-up walks onto stage and puts everyone in place by just talking.   

       See link, with a similar theme about Israeli good- for-nothing idiots misbehaving in a synagogue and finally meeting their original school teacher.
pashute, Aug 28 2014


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