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Where do you go to, my lovely?

cat tracking on video
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Ooo, I dunno. I tell you!

Pete, my adolescent cat, has recently learnt how to climb out of my garden which gives him fine access to the entire world.

When he was home based, I'd know what he'd been up to, but these days, I just have no idea. I'm not the least concerned, but rather intruiged as the wee fella often returns exhausted from his days travelling.

A simple collarbased camera is my preferred solution. Toshiba have produced a tiny 40GB hard drive that could comfortably store 8 hours cat roaming on film.

When the .mpg is retrieved, we can play it on the telly to Dud, Pete's lovely but scared brother, to show him that the big bad world is actually jam packed full of things to play with, like leaves. Bless them both.

jonthegeologist, Jan 14 2004

Tiny hard drives, for video cat tracking http://news.bbc.co....hnology/3381997.stm
[jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004]

Deja View http://www.mydejavi...m/pages/2/index.htm
Add the tiny hard drive to this, and you're done. (well, still a bit bulky but I think you could strap this to the back of your cat*)

*honestly I didn't plan that [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004]

Pete and Dud - the Furry Travelling Wilberrys http://www.chm.bris...glhrm/cats/cats.htm
[jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004]

Two Cats Mad Two_20Cats_20Mad
a classic! [Madai, Jan 11 2005]

cat diaries http://www.youtube....watch?v=k0PduP7PXx0
[po, Dec 11 2010]

Not porn, nor the animal channel... http://netwrok.us/v...e-falcon-a-goshawk/
[normzone, Dec 14 2010]

Now on TV http://www.bbc.co.u...nvironment-22567526
Now on TV! [jonthegeologist, Jun 13 2013]

Chatty Cat Records Outdoor Adventures With a GoPro https://laughingsquid.com/cat-with-gopro/
"An adorably chatty cat in rural Hong Kong recorded all sorts of adventures outside with a GoPro. The moving camera captured the sight of other felines, some of whom stopped to talk. There was also the spotting of a bird, which led to some chattering and a wide open area for the cat to explore." [Dub, Jul 28 2022]


       You would need some sort of stabilizing system for the camera. Which would translate into more equipment to burden your beast with. Which could in turn wear the cat our prematurely, and make for some pretty boring video.   

       Cat leaves, naps, makes it back panting.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 14 2004

       Mmmmmm...........Jacques Brel!
gnomethang, Jan 14 2004

       //You would need some sort of stabilizing system for the camera.// Do that at home with image processing.
kbecker, Jan 14 2004

       erm.. I recall a conversation recently where I came up with a similar (the same) idea, but suggested a GPS device, or a radio transponder (you'd obv need a few to triangulate!).
neilp, Jan 15 2004

       Magic the cat (who alas still live in the UK where I am not) spends a lot of her time in and around the town infirmary which is behind my mum's house. The security guards often tell us tales of her escapades which they watch on their CCTV screens. I was deeply impressed when they told us she catches rats. She's only tiny and a rat would be easily half as big as her. Go, Magic! She is also often seen in the psyche- wards where she enjoys the status of being an unofficial therapy cat.
squeak, Jan 15 2004

       As long as there's something moving on that ther screen, the cat can see it. Mine always like wildlife programs, especially if they're about something small and squeaky. She has been known to circle the tv, looking for the weasel or similar behind it.
squeak, Jan 15 2004

       Pete and Dud watch TV from time to time, but are far more obsessed with PC screens, especially the more expensive TFT type. If we needed to show Dud what Pete had been up to, he'd watch it on the PC no problem. Of course, in reality this is of far more interest to [jonthegeologist] who seems convinced they have another house somewhere...
hazel, Jan 15 2004

       blissy, soccer?
po, Jan 15 2004

       P&D are Watford fans, naturally...
hazel, Jan 15 2004

       Dustin *looks* like a soccer ball!
egbert, Jan 15 2004

       semi-baked. there was an article on NPR today about a tv network devoted to "documentaries" that were filmed directly from cameras on animals. They hooked up cameras to a bunch of different animals for scientific research, then decided to air the tapes after they were done looking at them. Pete could be on a network reality show.
buddymatt, Jan 16 2004

       BBC tried a similar experment a while ago i think. Anyway i have seen it on tv.
magic_ki, Feb 04 2004

       I cannot resist linking to the "Two cats mad" idea, considering how this idea is for people who want to spy on their cats.
Madai, Jan 11 2005

       Instead of a camera, you could mount a tank of blue paint, which would trickle down onto the cat's paws. You could then track him and experience the wide world yourself, instead of just on video. No doubt it will be more satisfying for your cat to leave tracks on everything he crosses as well.
bungston, Jan 11 2005

       [bungston] .. .it'll work of course, but your solution lacks the technical complexity that seems so desireable here!
jonthegeologist, Jan 12 2005

       Bungston and I have seen the same episode of Macguyver it seems. I remember the using paint to track thingie.
Madai, Jan 12 2005

       "Hmm. Fluffy seems to go to this little brown hole shaped like an asterisk a lot."
doctorremulac3, Dec 11 2010

       Tape length of Det cord to cat's tail. Allow to reel out. If curious as to whereabouts of cat, cut cord, attach det and initiate. Scan horizon for gently rising cloud of atomized cat.
8th of 7, Dec 11 2010

       //using paint to track thingie//
MacGyver used a tin of yellow paint, which he punched a small hole in the bottom of with the can-opener on his famous pocket-knife, then hung it under the bad guys car. "Follow the yellow brick road", he said.
//stabilizing system//
I think you'll find a cat's head is remarkably stable all by itself, if you can find a small enough camera for a cat-head-mount.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 12 2010

       // a small enough camera //   

       Size is't that much of an issue; just use larger screws.
8th of 7, Dec 12 2010

       Ah yes, I remember seeing on TV (back in the days when I owned such a device!), footage from an inward-facing wingtip-mounted camera on a buzzard or eagle.
pocmloc, Dec 13 2010

       My cats like porn and the animal channel (link).
normzone, Dec 14 2010

       It took a decade, but this idea goes on TV in the UK today. See link in links.
jonthegeologist, Jun 13 2013

       Copyright MMXIII, Cat-a-Mount Pictures.
BigBrother, Jun 13 2013

       Uh, that was written nearly ten years ago. Both storage density and video compression rates have increased significantly since then. Nowadays, if you're not overly concerned with quality, 40GB could fit perhaps a week or so of H.264 video. It'd be useable but not fantastic. On the other hand, if you used a 64GB MicroSD card, you could probably get about 24 hours worth of HD video that would be decent enough to broadcast.
ytk, Jun 14 2013

       hi [jon] did you ever catch James May's Man Lab where he employs cats as part of neighbourhood watch?
po, Jun 14 2013

       hi [po]. I did! My idea predates the program by a mere decade...
jonthegeologist, Mar 08 2014


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