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Titillating Dinner Plates

"Oh, please...Stop it"
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Whether it be slicing through a tender pork chop with veg or a piece of pecan pie, the results are varied and titillating as if the food on the plate is being tickled with a feather duster.

As you pin your food with the fork and slice with the knife, pressure is applied to the embedded vocal pressure pads within the plate.

skinflaps, Feb 24 2006

Reminds me of Giggle Cup
The Giggle Cup. [DesertFox, Feb 24 2006]


       I suspect you could achieve much the same effect more simply, by rigging the place mat.
DrCurry, Feb 24 2006

       True, shhhh..picnic plate range with a Kenneth Williams voice over.
skinflaps, Feb 24 2006

       When I first saw the title, I thought these would be plates with pictures of scantily clad people on them, to encourage your teens to finish their veg.
junglefish, Feb 24 2006

       Ha. I swear I was just going to post Fork Crying Out Loud, after reading an idea or two.
Instead have this bun and the suggestion that screaming/ teeth chattering cutlery may be a fitting accoutrement to an auditorially complete table setting.


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