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A Shop That Sells Furniture Made of Tofu
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The Tofuton - ahhh. . . gentle slumber on a soft and squishy king size slab of soy bean curd. Household objects with sharp edges often prove havoc for toddlers and those prone to falling against them - however Tofurniture is soft, malleable and totally vegan!

We apologise for our currently limited colour range of white, but we are testing new products at all our new stores:

Tofun! Childrens toys,

Tofutensils! kitchenware,

and of course our ever popular 'Tofu-after-dark' stores with our range of vegetarian sex toys and videos.

Soon I shall rule the world with Tofu! ahhhhhaaahaaaahaaaaaaa .. .. .

benfrost, May 18 2001

Tofu Sex Toys http://www.halfbake...a/Tofu_20Sex_20Aids
[benfrost, May 18 2001]


       Furniture is already made of stuff that tofu tastes like. It's called foam rubber.
Incidentally, this new-found tofu-mania? What's that about?
angel, May 18 2001

       That sound above . . do you here it? Yes, that's right! My Tofu bombers are circling - awaiting my command!
benfrost, May 18 2001

       Well... I mean when you consider that tofu wouldn't be eaten by a starving Vegan in a lifeboat, I can see that Tofu as furniture might be possible, although there might be export problems if things get lost in translation, as in "What is this Toe Furniture of which you speak?"   

       Hmm... would it work as a lifeboat?
Notes, Dec 28 2016

       Not in areas where there are aquatic lifeforms that will eat tofu (they must be desperate ...)
8th of 7, Dec 28 2016

       Or this is a hybrid of torture and funi.
bungston, Dec 28 2016

       Well, as long as this idea is here, it's not at large in the real world.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 28 2016

       The Halfbakery - quarantine for ideas that broke through one barrier to get here and must not be permitted to break through this one to the real world.
normzone, Dec 29 2016

       I hope an exception to that rule is my Fake Rubber Ass concept.
bungston, Dec 31 2016


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