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I've always thought about this.
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Imagine a house, a rather large, but ordinary (from the outside) looking house. You walk in, and everythings as you would expect in a house; furniture, decor, etc.

However, there's a door at the back thats leads to a room...a very special room.

You walk to the ordinary-sized door of this room and swing it open, Your jaw falls to the floor immediately, and all you can think in your shock and awe is how extremely vast it is.

This room is huge...to scale about 5 times the size (length, width, hight) of its ordinary sized counterparts. This room could be any room you desire...be it a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, closet, living room etc. Except in this room, everything is exactly larger by a 1:5 scale....or even more. All tangibles are literally just blown up in size, made up from the same materials,using the same design and same layout as it woud in an ordinary sized room...this means huge beds, tables, chairs, lamps, paintings, decorative items, houseplants (would be trees - naturally) etc. even electronics; tv's, telephones, stereos, speakers, etc. bacially everything, to the smallest detail, all would be huge. (no pets allowed though...thats just dangerous)

Everything would be discreetly fitted with step-ladders and safety features

Walking into this room would just overwhelm one with the sheer vastness of it all, making you feel as if you've entered the world of a giant.

This would be an exceptionally expensive thing to do though, so I asume it only be done by the rich. which has an added benefit. They may be rich/famous/powerful etc, but when they're in this vast surrounding, they phsychologically get grounded by the fact that in truth, they're only as little as the next guy.

NB: This would however, also be counter-effective for when the rich leave this room, as they would almost instantaneously regain their personal vastness amonst the mere mortals on the other 'normal' side of the door.

shinobi, Sep 19 2005


       I had something minor to do with the UK launch of a kids tv channel (Nick Jr. or some such thing) which was held in a few rooms built on a 1:3 scale to make people feel like children. It looked a bit crap to be honest, but the effect was still there. I could see how incredibly difficult and expensive it would be to do this properly, chairs - easy, hi-fi - hard.
wagster, Sep 19 2005

       nothing to do with pirates then?
po, Sep 19 2005

       That's the avast-room off the side.
DrCurry, Sep 19 2005

       //no pets allowed though//   

       Not even a snickering Cheshire cat?
Shz, Sep 19 2005

reensure, Sep 19 2005

       This is way better than the vest room.   

       I bet some rich person has already done this, I suggest perhaps Micheal Jackson?
chocolateraindrops, Sep 19 2005

       If you want an affordable version, just make an unvast-room. It's 5:1 instead of 1:5.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2005

       appropriate. unvast for the poor: to make pompous. vast for the rich: to make humble.
schmendrick, Sep 19 2005


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