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Transparent Nosepicker

Picking device that no one can see
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In those 'must pick' situations, a transparent nose picker can be appended to your finger. While it looks like you are merely scratching your moustache or pulling your lip, a 3 inch long transparent attachment is right up your nose, clearing out any excesses.
jeanlucp, Jun 30 2000

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       I think that you are lacking ambition with this one. Why stop at picking? Snipping away excess nose hair and flicking unobtrusively could also be included. I'm sure that there is definitely funding available for this somewhere.
DrBob, Jun 30 2000

       How about a transparent arse (US: ass) picker?
ccaamgw, Jul 12 2000

       pretty good... until people see seemingly possessed, ghostly bogies floating out of your nose and flying accross the room. Maybe include some kind of 'klingon masking device'..
redleader, Jul 16 2000

       Reminds me of the joke my nephew came home with. Q. What do Doctors find up clean noses? A. Fingerprints
Alcin, Aug 27 2000

       Redleader's comments were the first thing that occurred to me too... solution: the transparent nosepicker could have a vacuuming device with a camouflage hose... perhaps one that attaches to sunglasses?
danrue, Aug 29 2000

       A friend of mine lost the last joint of his index finger in an accident. His sense of 'humor' is such that he cannot resist placing the truncated digit at his nostril or ear in a public place...just to see peoples' reactions.   

       Did I mention he is a PhD and widely respected in his (very complex) technical field?
boris, Sep 15 2000

       Just do what I do pick and be proud! I like the Billy Conolly one about when you need to scratch your arse. Just shout "My ARSE is incredibly itchy - I think I'll scratch it" and everyone turns away to avoid the disgusting spectacle you are making of yourself.
The(n)iceman, Mar 24 2004

       Just the thing to pick your transparent nose.
PeterSilly, Mar 24 2004

       A second rubber "finger" that attaches to your middle knuckle would be even better. Then you could pick your nose, but it would look like your finger was *on* your nose.
phundug, Mar 24 2004

       Something like that but larger would be good if you wanted to have sex in public, but it would look like your head was *on* her lips.
FarmerJohn, Mar 24 2004

       [FJ] Huh?
squeak, Mar 25 2004

       It's sort of like you're having sex in public (though you're not really (or at least one of you isn't)), while the public thinks you're not having sex but are just touching private parts, or something.
FarmerJohn, Mar 25 2004

       how about a remote controlled nano-nosepicker?
Archbishop Furball, Apr 19 2007

       Wouldn't it be kind of like a strange magic act, boogs seeminly floating inches from your fingers right out of your nose? David Copperfield eat your heart out!
trekbody, Apr 19 2007


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