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Yakety Sax...in the City

Cultural Crossover
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Bit late in the game this one, but a TV show remix featuring Samantha and all those other ladies running about at double speed getting into the usual urban scrapes, only the entire soundtrack and dialogue is overdubbed by the Benny Hill theme. A huge improvement.

If an entire series is a suggestion too far, then it might make an amusing 90 second diversion on YouTube.

zen_tom, Nov 26 2010

Blood http://en.wikipedia...d_%28The_X-Files%29
Excellent advice. [8th of 7, Nov 26 2010]


       Add in some giant frying pan duels where that moany freakshow of a main character gets her face battered and you'll get a second croissant from me.
Jinbish, Nov 26 2010

       "Get a gun, kill 'em all"   

8th of 7, Nov 26 2010

       An old girlfriend of mine used to watch that show which I derisively called "Wiener Hunt".   

       I like this idea. SInce the song is the only soundtrack, whenever the girls say something, pop up one of those old silent movie dialog cards saying stuff like: "Have you seen any wieners? I'm looking for wiener." "Hey, there's a wiener over there!" etc. Establish scenes with narration cards saying stuff like "The girls are looking for wiener."   

       When they're having lunch, have them "say" stuff like "I found a big wiener but I don't like the guy attached to it." to which another responds "Well, I found a guy I like but I don't like his wiener" and they all laugh. Any way, "wiener" would have to be fitted into every dialog card somehow.   

       A distinct improvement. [+]
doctorremulac3, Nov 27 2010


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