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Vibrating Tampons

Make it THAT time of the month.
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Marketed as a saftey device, when the batteries run out users know the time has come to make a quick change and put a smile back on their face. Also potential for a product for the more party-minded, sound reactive ones responding to the music in clubs, like disco lights.
Jack, Jun 29 2000

Women's Issues http://www.sistertaffy.com/sub1.htm
Tampons, which were developed, manufactured and marketed to the woman by Satan's minions, will destroy your soul and send you to Hell. [Diane, Jun 29 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

US Patent 5,782,779: Vibrating Tampon Apparatus http://164.195.100....779&RS=PN/5,782,779
Steven A Kilgore's patent. [jutta, Jun 29 2000]


       Two words. Ouch. Ew.
WRDRMR, Jun 29 2000

clynne, Jun 29 2000, last modified Jul 27 2000

       Suggested name: Vibe-on Sister - could use the George Thorogood song 'Ride On Josephine' as the theme
Jon, Jul 10 2000

       Wow, that's tacky...
bear, Jul 11 2000

       Maybe before bed, or to get a crampy, menstrual girlfriend in the mood...but not for all-day use. Can you say "numbing"?
naveline, Jul 15 2000

       Have you ever voted (+) for an idea and then come back 2 weeks later and wondered why you voted for it in the first place?   

       Arise little fishy!!
eagle, Jul 27 2000

       hmmmmmm......ok I dont know if tampon is a good idea, but a compact vibrator for in clubs that are audio sensitive would be nice....(natural dancing!) involuntarily move to the music :-) on second thought, no. bad idea.
cybercyph, Jul 31 2000

       fallacy in reasoning: tampons positioned in inner 1/3 of vagina, where there is NO MORE FEELING (therefore allowing you to forget their presence as is the main idea...) Plus vibration may increase menstrual cramps by stimulating uterine smooth-muscle contraction.   

       VERY promising however as an idea for a recreational device, especially the "jive to the vibe" concept. Sure would help one "feel" the beat -- probably heat up dancing.... I'll buy one when you start sales!!!!   

xex, Dec 04 2000

       This works only if the hypothesized "G" spot is a sure thing. My guess is that XEX is correct. Damned funny idea though...
Dolophine, Dec 05 2000

       Hell, I'm a guy and I want one, party on!
tazguynn64, Dec 12 2000

       Ugh, it's so obvious that a guy came up with this. You have no clue what you're talking about. The only thing that this product would accomplish is making millions of women sick to their stomach.
momoko, Feb 14 2001

       momoko: Saying what, exactly? As though every idea ever developed by a woman was dutifully cross-gender applicable?   

       In any event, probably a bad situation. Batteries and membranes don't go well together, and I'd wager anything needing the ability to vibrate for that long and of that size is not going to be sufficed by a watch battery or three (as is seen in non-vibrating standard hearing aids, for instance). Women already have to worry about Toxic Shock Syndrome, I can only imagine what this could introduce into the picture.
dnm, Feb 15 2001

       If you intend to stimulate a nerve, vibration is a poor method in terms of electric efficiency. The same-shaped device may have its surface covered with flat electrodes that could operate for many hours from a watch battery.
dsm, Feb 15 2001

       My throat and eyes have gone dry from reading that paragraph three times wide-eyed and gaping-mouthed in amazement. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. For a start, Steven patented it, and it was tested by Kermit, Phillip and Patrick. ????????? Do you have periods, esteemed sirs?! ditto [momoko]'s feb 14 annotation. What possible reasons do you men have for advocating that a woman's period should be shortened to 3 days? I'm definitely NOT buying one of these. It's bad enough using tampons, but I'm sure as hell not shoving something with the name 'Vipon' up my *%$£*&&*^% thankyouverymuch.

I wish I could fishbone annotations, no pun intended. BIG FAT YEEEEEUGGGGHHH.
lewisgirl, Aug 02 2001

       [lewisgirl], that's a bit simple, isn't it? You can clearly work on something that alleviates a condition (in this case, menstrual pain, not menstruation itself, which of course isn't an illness) even if you don't suffer from it. Nobody is complaining that doctors who aren't themselves suffering from fits of sneezing are allowed to work on cold medication.   

       I think your criticism is probably appropriate to the poster of this idea and some of its supporters, but not to someone planning, testing, and patenting this as a serious medical device.   

       Steven, good for you. (And email to <sakceo@swbell.net> bounces with an "unknown alias" error, you may want to look into this.)
jutta, Aug 02 2001

       oh for crying out loud. has no one ever heard of vibrators? do we need to make it a tampon just to justify its existence? are men really that clueless about what women like? hasn't anyone ever heard of http://www.goodvibes.com? they make vibrators in all shapes and sizes, and with no shame/strings attached. more importantly, they make things specifically designed for *pleasure*, as opposed to taking something designed to make menstruation less messy (and to make money for the shits who sell them) and try to make it fun. is anyone with me here? geez.
romy, Aug 02 2001

       oh, and p.s. to Steven-- why would I buy some contraption to help me with my menstrual cramps when I can pop an advil and go masturbate? I mean, I'm sure your intentions are swell and everything, but uh.... we bleed, ok? it doesn't mean we spend all our time and money trying to figure out how to bleed less. biologically, it serves a purpose, whether I choose to bear children or not. and what are the long-term effects of using your product? (with apologies to your wife. I am ashamed to say I didn't read all the posts before I blabbed. also I do not suffer from abnormal or extremely painful periods, so I should shut up. but I still can't delete the rest of the post.)
romy, Aug 02 2001, last modified Aug 04 2001

       I stand by my own recoiling in horror. I thought there must be some moving parts in there to make the thing vibrate (and if it's a tampon with absorbent qualities plus motor and moving parts and battery... isn't it a rather large object?). Now you say it's got ultrasonic frequencies zapping my organs, that's going to allay my fears? I bet the NHS won't buy this.
lewisgirl, Aug 03 2001

       Hum... all those reacting in one way or another to "vipon" are probably wasting their time; though he does have a web site (sort of), the posts above make no sense. TENS involves electrical stimulation and has nothing to do with "ultrasonic frequencies"; nor does it "distort" bacteria, whatever that means. And I think in order to patent such a thing, you might have to know how to spell "cystic" and "ovaries." Nice try, silly.
hob, Aug 05 2001

       For more infor on Vipon check out the website www.vipon.com/index.html. This site a has a great deal of info on vipon and womens health
vipon, Oct 03 2001

       All extentions at Vipon.com have been resolved and the site is operating normally. www.vipon.com
vipon, Oct 03 2001

       about the first link, to sister taffy's site, i always use tampons. then again, i'm an atheist
dingbats247, Aug 14 2002

       of tampons or vibrators? no real need to combine them at all
chud, Aug 24 2002

       You can purchase a remote control vibrating "egg" at your better porn shops - very popular with the dance crowd cybercyph, you can give your companion the control - and you may insert them in the orifice of your choice Jonas, just spare us the details.
whatzabuzz, Aug 24 2002

       1.)a guy definitely made this for his own selfish, horny reasons. 2.)eww, i wouldn't want to walk around the office vibrating all day
Fallen, Aug 27 2002

       According to the FDA* these devices don't provide any sexual pleasure. They don't vibrate like a standard vibrating dildo. They emit sonic waves that supposedly reduce cramps.   

       Before calling something half-baked, perhaps if you had some facts.   

       Check www.vipon.com for more info.   

       * per Wired Magazine.
oddbod, Nov 14 2002

       Posted as if no one here had looked at vipon.com and many months ago. You're a little late to the party.
bristolz, Nov 14 2002

       Why are most contraptions specifically for women produced by men who have no idea about the female body? I hope I'm not the first to annotate this; I couldn't bear to read them all.
littlebruno, Nov 23 2004


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