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Twin mix shampoo bottles

A shampoo bottle made of 2 tubes one of which is filled with water
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When my shampoo ( or my washing up liquid ) is running out, and I've not got a replacement bottle, I put water into the bottle to extend the life a little. I suspect most people do. This pre-mixing means I use less total shampoo for that wash, and I'm not dunking concentrate directly onto my head. Yet it seems to wash my hair just as well, and makes the bottle last for ages longer.

So why not have a shampoo bottle with twin tubes, one of which you fill with water from the shower/bath. On squeezing the tube, the 2 liquids are mized and squirted out. Result - you use less shampoo, and its nicely pre-mixed.

Bobble, Mar 31 2004


       Interesting idea, but i doubt the manufacturers would pay for the extra cost of the extra section. Also they want you to move on to the next bottle as quick as possible to make more cash. Perhaps a disposable travel shampoo that contains a shampoo and water section could be made that doesn't need an external supply of water for travellers? Or even a shampoo that produces a reaction when both parts are mixed, giving your hair an extra 'deep' clean.
brainsane, Mar 31 2004

       Or use less shampoo?
kropotkin, Mar 31 2004

       re: using less shampoo, however, part of the thrust of the idea is that it seems premixing shampoo actually gets better results. Also the psychological effect of using less. c.f. the UK 'big-box' powders of the 1980's.
Bobble, Mar 31 2004

       erm...if you're under the shower and you shampoo your hair, and the shower's working, and dispensing water,... onto you, or more specifically onto your head, where your hair is..with shampoo on it...the shampoo gets diluted automatically. ..Thats what water does.   

       I like [brainsane]'s idea. Maybe you could make twin empty bottles and fill them with what you want. Very *George's Marvellous Medicine".
squeak, Mar 31 2004

       I hate it when the shampoo is diluted with water because a) it's cold and, b) it won't stay in the palm of my hand.
bristolz, Mar 31 2004


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