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Undernose mask bridge

Keeps exhaled air from your mouth out of your nose and eyes (and glasses)
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Inhale fresh air from your nose.

Exhale (the foul) air from your mouth, without it getting into your nose, eyes and onto your glasses.

The undernose bridge separates the air stream, and sits snuggly under your surgical mask. When you whip off the mask the bridge whips off too with it.

Costs 50c per piece, and is good for two or three days.

pashute, Mar 08 2021

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       Why would nature put the nose so close to the mouth? I am guessing some type of subtly. So won't bone it outright until factual comformation.
wjt, Mar 09 2021

       So that you can smell what you're about to eat?   

       Eyes: "It looks a bit funny, but I'm hungry, dammit!"
Nose: "Are you *sure* about that?"
Natural Selection: {kills with botulism the life form with its nose on the back of its head}
pertinax, Mar 09 2021

       God, anything that would help the steamed over glasses at the grocery store issue gets a big ol' bun from moi.
blissmiss, Mar 09 2021

       Double-sided tape?
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2021

       The nose really should have been placed below the mouth. And the reproductive organs behind the sternum. Birth canal through either side with redundancy. The brain in an elongated abdomen, an extra hinge in the shoulders for easier birthing, a separate channel for the nerve bundle, more robust nerve sheathes, cooling fins with a non-blood fluid that can fold in when not needed, a second heart....
Voice, Mar 09 2021

       The other day I was lamenting the pineapple's painful, difficult skin and too-chewy core, leaving a rather sparse sleeve of edible flesh. The avocado has its own difficulty in that the pit seems too large and the flesh too small.   

       Perhaps these and other items, and humans, simply need to develop further? Perhaps another 100,000 years?
whatrock, Mar 09 2021

       As humans become more neotenous noses are shrinking, but that won't do away with them entirely.
Voice, Mar 09 2021

       In a few* million years we will all have evolved into grey goo. Then comes the heat death of the universe.
pocmloc, Mar 09 2021

       Sounds peaceful.
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2021

       It will be, there's just the small matter of the continual suffering and struggling against entropy until then.   

       But not to worry, the glaciers will come and wipe out Western so-called civilisation in only a few tens of thousands of years, so there is still hope.
pocmloc, Mar 09 2021

       The problem still is, the grey goo still may have sentience facing entropy.
wjt, Mar 10 2021


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