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No more horrible greasy sunscreen
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Imagine a fabric made of three thin stretchy layers of tiny mesh, separated slightly by two layers of more open-weave mesh.

The holes in the tiny-mesh layers are out-of-alignment with each other, so light can't get through*. However, air can still circulate reasonably freely (maybe add a third layer of open-weave mesh, next to the skin).

Make a full-body catsuit out of this stuff. Suit goes on first as a second skin, then other clothes as desired. Wear all summer or all year round. Leopard spots optional.

* depending on the material used, a little light would go through the material. This is good, as we need some sunlight to aid in making vitamin D. You could have different materials for different seasons as required.

benjamin, Oct 22 2003

One of many http://www.solarscr...hions.com/index.php
[squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

See. Here's another. http://www.solarweave.com/
[squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       going for the layered look then? will it go right over your face too?
po, Oct 23 2003

       UV blocking fabric has been baked for ages. See two links for companies who make clothes out of this stuff.
squeak, Oct 23 2003

       yeah, bkd, like what [squeak] said. I've got a rashie made of that very stuff. looks foolish though.
neilp, Nov 02 2003

       [po] - yeah, covering everything except eyes, mouth and maybe hair was the plan.   

       It would have the added advantage (?) of collecting shed skin for later showering off instead of sprinkling it everywhere.   

       It does seem that there are more breathable uv-proof fabrics out there than the ones I've come across before.
benjamin, Nov 28 2003


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