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Winter Bathrobe

and bunny slippers.
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Time well spent lounging around the house, buck or doe naked (or near as much), should not be interrupted by having to actually get dressed simply to go outside to do some menial task (taking out the garbage, checking the mail, going for donuts at 2am, etc.)

The Winter Bathrobe is a full-length fleece-lined housecoat with overlength arms. In case of wind, drawstrings are at cuffs, hood, and hem. A couple of floppy pockets and one small velcroed pockette that holds a spare housekey, and that's it.

The matching slippers are padded with aerogel under the inner sole and waterproofed. As the sleeves (of the robe) can be unrolled down, the ankles of the slippers can be unrolled upwards, to keep the snow out.

FlyingToaster, Oct 23 2014


       Should come with built-in woodburner for warmth and doing bacon on.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 23 2014

       It should be printed like a tuxedo. I think.
blissmiss, Oct 23 2014


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