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would you hire them?

an onine competition for marketing/sales folks
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Companies come to the site post their marketing/sales job opening and ask for video submissions via youtube. Potential employees make videos marketing the company's product and displaying their abilities . Users vote in rounds to eliminate the contenders. Finally, the company selects which employee they want. American Idol for jobs.
goodmars, Mar 22 2009


       [+]This will probably be the future of applying for jobs as video over the web is becoming ubiquitous and more standardized. On the other hand, as an employer I would be a bit reluctant to hire someone based on popular opinion of a TV audience.
Jscotty, Mar 22 2009

       Is that Irish for nine?
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 22 2009

       I've voted for this, but i think it suffers from the same problems as other ways of finding work, which is that it favours people with a particular talent which may not be connected to the abilities they need to do the job. It works if your work is to do with presentation in a big way, but that's not always so. Even so, it's not actually worse than how things are done right now, and could be good for dyslexics and other people whose can't put CVs or letters of application together well.
nineteenthly, Mar 22 2009

       Like a relationship, good sales is more about listening than talking. It is noticing during the course of a conversation, what an individuals needs are and how you or your product can fill it. Interactive ability, and on the fly thinking is very beneficial, and hard to do on YouTube.   

       As 21 said-This would find models not salespeople. If someone had a good marketing idea for a product, they could just pay for it and CVs are more reliable because they show past performance.   

       Marketing that your company markets like this might be good however.
leinypoo13, Mar 23 2009

       Hey 21, just read your anno! I believe the marketing game is exactly fit for something like this.   

       @leiny, I respectfully disagree. Sure there will be some physical appearance questions, but at the end of the day a salesman is only as good as his pitch.
goodmars, Apr 04 2009

       I 've sold lots of stuff to lots of people. Very valuable items (>20G and small stuff). The pitch, as you refer to, is usually in printed materials that the customer can evaluate on their own time.   

       In my experience, people who have a non-variable verbal pitch are douchebag blowhards (car salesman stereotype) and are very poor at selling anything. The listeners do most of the selling.   

       "They" taught me.   

       1. Ask alot of questions. 2. Have them talk more than you. 3. Find out want they want from the product, by listening carefully what they are looking for, and evaluating body language. 4. Once, you think you know what they want from your product (value, style, duration, efficiency etc.) show how your product fills the need. 5. Don't shit talk competitors.   

       I've tried both ways and "their" method is much more effective, and hardly any of this can be done in a 30 sec. video pitch of a product.   

       So I would say that this idea would be valuable for people with "marketing or advertising ideas" for a product, not sales per say.   

       Even for marketing or advertising, if the persons idea is good, why hire them? Just buy their idea. Having a continual plethora of ideas to choose from, rather than having a person drawing salary, would be cheaper and would probably produce better product.   

       I think it's a good idea on it's face, but the reality is that it's inefficient and no business would use it (purely the pitch, otherwise it's a video resume which is baked) to hire people, unless for a sort of meta-marketing technique to draw attention to the company, which as I stated above is a good idea.   

       Edit-I just think that marketing and sales are 2 different things. One's interactive and one's not. So if were talking about sales, no. Marketing/ads, possibly.
leinypoo13, Apr 04 2009


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