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Voice Activated Computer for Video Entertainment Crossreference
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Say you're watching a movie and you want to know what else that gal that plays Suzie was in... but you don't want to get off the sofa and looking it up on your phone would take too much attention away from the movie... you could have a device that was wifi connected and could query an internet source of movie databases to tell you what else the person was in... something like:

Me: "Watching 'Top Gun'" VAC-VEC: "Top Gun - 1986" Me: "Who plays Iceman?" VAC-VEC: "Iceman played by Val Kilmer" Me: "Other movies" VAC-VEC: "The Saint, Heat, The Doors... etc"

But the list would be too long... so how would voice nav work without getting too clunky?

me1054, Dec 11 2009

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